Libya Internet

Published: August 23, 2011

Libya Internet, When the uprising against Libya for a long time dictator Colonel Gaddafi began this past March, the internet across the country have virtually silent. Things were touch and go since then, but most of the time, the country has been disconnected. This seemed to change as the rebels entered the city of Tripoli, and the country seemed to have access again.

According to BBC news, web traffic suddenly jumped 500% during the night, albeit briefly. Writing for the blog Renesys, James Cowie reported that the Internet has been sporadically available with low bandwidth from 2:00 a.m. to 4:30. Hardly time to catch up on all cats Nyan and it is not, but enough time to send tweets and messages Skype reports on events in the country. After that, blocks of the country of IP addresses disappeared, to return again blocked at the local level.

What’s happening with the Internet connection Libya is clear, it may be that friendly forces attempt to reconnect the company, or it could have been a technical snafu simple? However, Cowie noted that when the Web site for Libyan Telecom and Technology, the company responsible for most Internet access in the country, came back online, he sent the message “Congratulations, Libya, on the emancipation the rule of the tyrant. “


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