Kids’ French Lingerie?

Published: August 19, 2011

Kids’ French Lingerie?, DSK with the case dragging the public, Americans found a new sin to focus on French: lingerie for children. Good Morning America Thursday morning featuring ruffled bikini sets pictures and memories with bows, elements of the line of new children’s underwear Moons Days After skiing.

Mispronounced the name of the company, presenter Dan Kloeffler proclaimed that “the new line of sexy lingerie for girls as young as four … Shakes everyone fashionistas for ordinary. ”

The clothes themselves do not seem different from those of other children clothing – briefs provide extensive coverage, the colors are muted, and bras are not padded. However, ABC, NYDailyNews, and other media have also criticized the company for her look book, where the child is teased models hair and are dressed in their mother’s pearls.

“Some call it fashion. Others call it appalling,” said ABC. For critics of the “children of lingerie” brand is yet another example of the fashion industry for having “gone too far,” as Vogue France did when it took 10 years cover model Tyland Blondeau on a recent cover.

The so-called “arms” that the press is actually distinguished bikinis at the beach, she explains, while all other garments are made of simple cotton opaque.

Morin was “completely surprised” by the controversy, as the line for two years and there has been “well received” in the past. He is currently sold at stores department of France’s oldest and most famous Le Bon Marché.

As for the look book, Morin said: “I photographed the girls while playing we were never asked, they were not wearing heels, makeup, nail polish or hairstyles and jewelry seem exaggerated, as they would on a little girl playing … Dress-up clothes from her mother … We often see little boys dressed as cowboys and Indians. Is it to future criminals? “Morin itself has two children.

According Columbine Blum, a journalist for Marie Claire and L’Express, which covers children’s fashion, “The French are hyper-traditional when it comes to children’s clothing. Neither clothing nor outerwear never before edge or angry. ” Petit Bateau, the French brand which makes underwear and cotton basic t-shirts, is the industry benchmark, according to Blum. “Bras are not for children. We do not turn our children into adults, “she said.

In the opinion Morin, her brand has become a scapegoat for public anger over 10-year-old Vogue model. Morin sees the big picture a cultural misunderstanding, if not a journalistic error.

Some French commentators were more critical interpretations. “France is distinguished by puritan America,” wrote ParisMatch. Or, as Gala said, “It seems that the other side of the Atlantic, a shock has become second nature.”


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