Julie Taymor Lawsuit: Team Over Royalties

Published: November 9, 2011

Julie Taymor Lawsuit: Team Over Royalties, The director Julie Taymor, creator key Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” continued the producers of the show $ 75000000 in federal court Tuesday, saying they took advantage of her creative contribution without her compensation. The lawsuit seeks at least $ 1 million and producers, as well as future royalty payments.

Ms. Taymor, the award-winning director Tony “The Lion King” and other musicals and films, has been wrangling with the producers over money and artistic credit they shot him from the director of “Spider-Man” in March. The dismissal of Ms. Taymor shocked friends and colleagues said in the spring, adding that she was particularly galling that the producers have continued to use much of her direction and script contributions, even after a much vaunted redesign of the musical in April and May Ms. Taymor Union has been pursuing a request for arbitration against the “Spider-Man” producer Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, saying it was due more than $ 500 000, but the arbitration process has become lengthy.

The lawsuit alleges that the producers have continued to use about 25 percent of her contributions original script in the musical, but it is not paid the fees for ther work. Charles T. Spada, a lawyer representing Ms. Taymor said in a statement Tuesday that “Spider-Man” had violated the rights of Ms. Taymor creative producers on the show, which she developed over seven years with composers of the show, and Bono The Edge of U2.

“Producers have failed to compensate Ms. Taymor continues to use her work to date, despite the fact that the show has played to capacity or near capacity houses since its first public performance in November 2010, “Mr. Spada said. “Ms. Taymor is concerned that the actions of producers have left her no choice but to resort to legal recourse to protect their rights.”

According to the lawsuit, the producers sent Ms. Taymor and a check for 52,880 weeks last to cover the fees for services through April 17 overview: the date of the final preview before “Spider-Man” closed for the review. She is seeking royalty continued because the lawsuit claims; “Spider-Man” still attracts many of her ideas.

The action is also an injunction against the unauthorized use of her name and image in a documentary film, directed by the producers, the production of the musical.

Mr. Spada did not return phone calls and e-mails seeking comment further Tuesday.

Ms. Taymor did not respond to a phone message left at her home Tuesday. His spokesman said that Ms. Taymor would not comment on the trial, which was first reported by the showbiz411.com website.

In recent months, the producers of “Spider-Man” were faced with difficult financial choices. Since opening to mixed reviews in June, “Spider-Man” was one of the shows on Broadway more revenue, stretching regularly between $ 1.4 million and $ 1.6 million per week. However, operating costs per week for the total production technically more ambitious, and 1 million, and the producers also had to make payments on loans they had taken to get “Spider-Man”, a show two times more than the hertory of Broadway. Given the size of the production and creative team, the producers also have a table of royalty obligations to several different artists.

Despite the high fat, executives involved in “Spider-Man” have said privately that the money is actually quite tight and that producers have had to set priorities on which debts to pay first. In addition to Ms. Taymor’s trial and separate request for arbitration, an investor in the musical Lambrecht, Patricia, recently filed a complaint against the producers, saying it had not been paid on time for agreement in which it provided financial assistance so they could renovate the Foxwoods Theatre for the show.

Mr. Cohl and Mr. Harris said in a statement Tuesday night: “Since the departure of Ms. Taymor in March, we have repeatedly tried to solve these problems. Production has indeed compensated Ms. Taymor for her contribution as a co-writer book. Fortunately, the legal system will, once and for all, an opportunity to resolve the dispute. ”

Rick Miramontes, a spokesman for the producers, had previously declined to comment on the combination of Ms. Lambrecht.

The union representing Ms. Taymor, the stage directors and choreographers Company filed its request for arbitration against the “Spider-Man” producers in June, shortly before the musical opened. When the union claimed that the producers had not paid the fees Ms. Taymor covering throughout the show, which began previews at the end of November 2010, and had only received a fee of $ 125,000 five years ago.

Arbitration began in October, but according to people familiar with the process, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the referee had declared confidential procedure, parties find it difficult to accept a schedule of hearings and the process was to place over several months. A friend of Ms. Taymor said Tuesday she was not satisfied that the arbitration process would conclude any time soon.


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