Joe And Demi

Published: August 20, 2011

Joe And Demi, After nearly a year of silence after a painful break up, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas make the first step towards being friends!

The break is hard to do and when you are in the spotlight, it can be almost unbearable. For 18 years, 22 years and Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, their whirlwind romance and brutal rupture has been the talk of Tinsel Town and left the two cannot be friends. Now, with a surprising Tweet exchange between the two, it looks like their relationship is on the mend and is moving towards a true friendship. Can you believe?

Long before Demi and Joe were a couple official, they were best friends and recorded the hit song, “Make a Wave.” This song won both a price something is August 14 and, aside past feelings, half could not help but share her enthusiasm with Joe via Twitter.

“@ JoeJonas Yayy! We have won),” she tweeted August 18.

Joe quickly responded with its own half for Tweet, writes: “Wow! Congratulations ddlovato @ dem! Super awesome! ”

Only time will tell if the two go back to being BFFs, but it’s nice to see the two talking. During their tour with each other last fall, half had a physical and emotional breakdown that sent her to a treatment facility in Chicago. It has since been taken over and is ready to cook. Meanwhile, Joe is working on his solo career.


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