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Published: September 20, 2015

Jessica slurs on TV?: Jessica Simpson HSN, Jessica Simpson caused quite a stir with her giggly, rambling appearance on the Home Shopping Network on Thursday, with fans thinking the star had imbibed ahead of showtime.

However, speaking with Entertainment Tonight, HSN President Bill Brand was quick to defend the 35-year-old, instead placing the blame on the difficulty of starring on one of the network’s live, two-hour shows.

‘Of course she wasn’t drunk,’ he clarified, adding that he found the designer to be a ‘top-notch professional.’

‘She was here. She was thrilled to be here,’ Bill continued of the star, adding: ‘I can tell you our team loved working with her.’

Jessica was scheduled to make a live two-hour appearance to promote clothes and accessories for her brand’s special, tenth anniversary collection.

However, the star seemed a bit ill-prepared for the segment, causing viewers – who took to social media to share their thoughts and vent frustration – to think she had been drinking.

Bill explained the former pop star’s bizarre behavior was simply because a live segment like that, on their network, is much more difficult than it seems.

He didn’t think viewers were taking into account that ‘when you’re on HSN it’s very different than traditional television in the sense that it’s not just a Q&A on a talk show, where you get a question and an answer. This is two hours live.’

‘It’s a completely different beast,’ Bill added, in defense of Jessica’s bizarre, much-discussed appearance.

On one segment, she giggled away as she described the colour grey as ‘sexy’ when referring to a pair of jeans.

She rambled: ‘Ashlee is, like, the best at wearing grey… my sister…. Like, she’s very rock ‘n’ roll, but there’s something about a grey… that’s like… sexy.

‘Maybe it’s her and her husband, they share jeans… I have no idea…. I dunno there’s just something hot about them.’

After the presenter suggested women ‘obsessed’ over the grey jeans, Jessica said: ‘Maybe men too, you never know.’

Comments on the performance ranged from the bemused to the downright disgusted, as the mother-of-two giggled, stumbled and swayed her way through the presentation, unable to answer questions or ‘even hold her head up.’

Irate viewers were perplexed when she kept wandering off the screen unannounced before suddenly reappearing.

Her mother Tina also made an unscheduled appearance, with many in the audience suggesting she came on to try and cover for her daughter’s bizarre behavior.

Dozens of comments on the HSN website poured sympathy for staple host Colleen Lopez, whom many assumed had ‘just been through the longest two hours of her career.’

‘I knew Jessica Simpson sold her line on HSN and she is on now but I now know why she is never on..She is horrible, she is talking constantly over Colleen and her mother isnt much better,’ one customer wrote ‘They aren’t even able to give a decent description of the products. Sorry HSN I have turned the channel!!’

‘Tonight’s List was difficult to watch. Jessica Simpson’s fashion line has some really cute & stylish pieces but she was very awkward & disconnected as a guest. Was something wrong? Where did she keep disappearing to?’ another wondered.

‘About 3 minutes into my watching, I came here on this board to see if anyone had noticed what I was seeing: Jessica seemed to have difficulty balancing, speaking, describing her clothes, etc.’ one viewer reported.

Anyone that tried to defend Jessica as merely suffering from nerves were immediately shot down.

‘Don’t make excuses for Jessica Simpson’s behavior tonight on The List. She has had years and years in the spotlight performing,’ one commenter lambasted. ‘Its sad that she was weaving and wobbling, cannot hold her head up, stand up straight, be professional and that includes wearing her hair like an adult and not in her face like a teenager.’

‘This must be the longest 2-hours of Colleen’s life,’ another annoyed buyer wrote. ‘Jessica lacks grace, poise, confidence, and knowledge of her products… thus, the giggling, rambling, and risque comments. Apparently no one has told Jessica that.’

‘I sincerely hope she takes some of her profits and enrolls in a ‘finishing’ school… she needs such a course desperately for she is far too beautiful a young woman to end-up an aged ditz,’ another added.

‘I could only watch her for 3 minutes. I do believe her behaviour is indicative of being slightly intoxicated,’ the comments went on. ‘She should not be on live TV! Shame HSN! Even your best show host, Colleen is having a hard time with her! “lifetime of makeouts”? come on! HSN you have more class than this!’

Another concluded: ‘I’ve never seen her on here before, and will never watch her again. Shame on her, her mom, and HSN for allowing this idiot on live TV in such an obviously altered state.’

‘Isn’t it the duty of the producer(s) to prevent such a ridiculous situation? She ought to have been told to ‘go sleep it off’ and let the show go on without her. Hoping the network uses better judgment in the future. I don’t care how much of a celebrity or fashion maven Simpson may be, she looked awful with that hair in her face, and her actions were as unprofessional as it gets.’

It’s not the first time Jessica has given an odd interview; In March she gave a bizarre rambling interview to Extra at the 2015 Teen Vogue Fashion University event in New York City, which surely would have pushed HSN viewers watching over the edge.

However, despite the furious comments, the star’s sales for the evening didn’t seem to be negatively affected.

Host Colleen even took to her Facebook following the appearance to congratulate Jessica and her mother on a ‘sell out show.’


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