Jessica Biel’s weight loss

Published: June 16, 2015

Jessica Biel’s weight loss, What is Jessica Biel’s next move? This is a question that entertainment fans are asking after she ‘turned heads’ while looking spectacular in a zebra print jumpsuit and stylish black ankle heels as she walked beside a female companion in Hollywood .
To some of her fans her appearance was an impressive surprise because it was only eight weeks earlier that she gave birth to her first child, Silas Randall Timberlake and yet if one did not know that she had been pregnant they could not have guessed it from looking at her.

She reportedly will be opening her child-friendly restaurant ‘Au Fudge’ in West Hollywood this summer and in 2016 will probably be a regular presence on the red carpets of Hollywood as she will be seen in feature roles in two films, “The Blunderer”, a thriller and the dramatic movie “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”.
However, some fans suspect that is planning to surprise entertainment viewers with not only some sensational performances on the big screen but also with her future plans. Usually when an entertainment professional is focused on losing their baby weight very quickly after childbirth it is because they not only want their pre-baby body back but they also have acting or concert performances scheduled shortly after their due dates and thus they need to be ready to get back to work.

Jessica Biel’s post-baby body to some viewers suggest she merely wants to look her best for the launch of her new restaurant but one strange aspect is that she does not have any new film projects lined up for 2016. A talented actress known for being a great audience attracting performer who likely has filmmakers forwarding many scripts her way, something they have probably been doing throughout her pregnancy and yet no future projects lined up? That is a sign to some fans that she might be considering some other ventures or ‘family’ projects.

This situation combined with the fact that she and Justin have made no secret that they love children has some fans suspecting that this talented actress and her husband are planning to quietly try to expand the size of their family even more.

Jessica Biel, an actress whose quick weight loss and film suggest that she has plans to announce another surprise in the next year and it might not be a movie announcement.

Jessica Biel Weight Loss

Jessica Biel's weight loss


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