ISIS transmits fatwas: ISIS Airwaves Fatwas

Published: December 20, 2015

ISIS transmits fatwas: ISIS Airwaves Fatwas, ISIS is transmitting hours of extremist propaganda into homes deep in one of Afghanistan’s biggest cities for the first time, according to officials and local residents.

The so-called “Voice of the Caliphate” has been carrying “lots of revolutionary propaganda and fatwas” calling for followers to kill anyone who stands in the way of ISIS since earlier this week, Achin district Governor Haji Ghalib told NBC News.

“If something is not done, it will have very serious consequences,” he added.

Most Afghans do not have televisions and radio is the country’s most powerful form of mass media. The Taliban, which has its own communications unit and often makes important announcement or threatens its rivals over the airwaves, has not yet managed to penetrate the country’s urban centers.

News of the emerging radio station follows a Pentagon warning that the ISIS offshoot in Afghanistan has moved beyond the “initial exploratory phase … and are becoming more operationally active.”

On Friday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter warned of the threat ISIS posed in Afghanistan.

“We are seeing little nests of [ISIS] spring up around the world, including here in Afghanistan … but I will say that that is a threat that we track very closely,” he said.

ISIS-linked fighters have also lured members of the Taliban unhappy with the Afghan group’s leadership, and the the groups have clashed.

That ISIS radio was being transmitted into Jalalabad terrified some who have fled fighting between the rival militant groups.

“We heard about [ISIS] radio a few days ago and for the past two nights I have been listening to it,” Azizullah, who has been forced from his village and now lives in a camp for displaced people in Jalalabad. “It has become the talk of the camp. People are afraid, we have seen their brutality and know very well how serious this is.”


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