Independence Day India August 15

Published: August 14, 2015

Independence Day India August 15, Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August and it is declared as a National Holiday in India. 69 years ago, India attained Independence from the British Empire by following nonviolent and civil disobedience movement. This was further led by Indian National Congress. And sadly, this coincided with the partition of India in which the Indian Empire was bifurcated into religious majorities – India and Pakistan. The partition of country led to lot of sacrifices and hard struggle of our freedom fighters.

People around the country celebrate the day of freedom which lot of zeal and enthusiasm. There are various flag-hoisting ceremonies, cultural programs, parades and also remember our great heroes who lost their lives so that their future generation could stay in peace. On the 69th Independence Day, we have listed out several messages which one can send across to his friends and relatives. Lets celebrate this day by
commemorating to all those great people who sacrificed their lives in making India an Independent country. Happy Independence Day to all out there!


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