Imran Misguiding His Supporters On Vote Issue

Published: August 22, 2014

Imran Misguiding His Supporters On Vote Issue, Imran Khan has been continuously misguiding his supporters for the past many days by not differentiating between a bogus vote with an unverifiable vote. Imran has been terming all the unverifiable votes as bogus votes in all his speeches made during his Azadi March and Dharna; however, the fact negates his claims. The Nadra clearly documented the bogus and unverifiable votes separately in its report of the National Assembly constituency NA-118.

Imran refers to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar’s statement that 60 to 70 percent votes in every constituency could not be verified by the National Database and Registration Authority and has also given a reference to the thumb impression results by Nadra of NA-118 from where Imran’s friend Hamid Zaman lost the election, but Imran deliberately conceals that the Nadra report clearly differentiated between the bogus votes and unverifiable votes.

It is worth mentioning here that Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on the floor of the National Assembly on December 18, 2013, had said that 60-70 percent votes in all the constituencies could not be verified.

Nadra had submitted its report of verification of votes from NA-118 and the report disclosed that no record was found for 50,000 votes, while 25,000 votes were unverified and 4,000 were bogus votes; however, 15,000 votes were verified. Well-placed sources in Nadra said that the 75,000 votes in NA-118 were not bogus but could not be verified because of low quality ink and improper thumb impressions. “On most of the electoral rolls in NA-118, there were either half thumb impressions or vague/unclear thus they could not be verified,” said the sources adding: “Nadra differentiated between bogus and unverified votes and clearly reported the bogus votes.”

The sources said that if Nadra was asked to verify the votes of all constituencies and if it starts from NA-1 Peshawar, then it is most likely that most of the votes polled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would not be verified. “It does not mean that non-verified votes are bogus,” the sources maintained. The sources said that Nadra first scans the fingerprints and then matches them with the Nadra data to verify a vote. “If the scan quality is improved, then the data gives multiple matches against one fingerprint because of low quality of ink and improper thumb impression,” said the sources adding: “If the scan’s quality is reduced, then the Nadra database doesn’t give any match against that thumb impression; therefore; in both the cases the vote is declared unverified.”

Interestingly, Imran Khan won the general election from NA-1 with 90,000 votes while Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour took around 25,000 votes. But when Imran Khan vacated the seat, ANP’s Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour bagged around 34,000 votes while the PTI’s candidate took around 29,000 votes. ANP’s senior Vice President Haji Adeel alleges that where have the PTI’s 60,000 voters gone within two months. From KP NA-19 Haripur, the PTI candidate has already been de-seated on account of rigging.


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