Im Very Sorry Sir Obama Yogurt

Published: April 26, 2012

Im Very Sorry Sir Obama Yogurt, He’s been pictured with kings and emperors, Pope’s and prime ministers, but on Tuesday President Obama posed for a slightly less formal picture.

Mr Obama grinned while having his picture taken with a gawky college student after the President stopped by The Sink, a student bar, while in Denver, Colorado.

It was there he met University of Colorado student Madalyn Starkey, who’s slack-jawed Instagram photo has become an instant internet classic.

‘I’m not going to stand there with a smile and my lips all quivering. Of course I’m going to throw my excitement out there in a picture,’ Starkey said to CBS.

She said that she intended to send the photo to her parents, but uploaded it to the web on a whim.

‘He was kind of making his way around quickly but I just took a picture with him and then of course, afterwards I said to him, ‘Oh, you smell nice’ the most embarrassing thing,’ Starkey said.

On the same day, another University of Colorado student met the POTUS and managed to knock yoghurt all over his pants.

Kolbi Zerbest, 19, was among the supporters gathered to meet the president outside a college restaurant in Boulder, Colorado when the purple snack spewed over his leg.

Speaking on the Today show on Wednesday, the college freshman said scrambling photographers had actually knocked over the yoghurt, adding: ‘Honestly, more of it got on me.’

The president remained good humoured about the accident, jokingly demanding to know who was responsible before pointing out it was lucky none had spilled on the Secret Service.

‘Whose yoghurt is on me?’ he asked, reaching for a napkin from a Secret Service agent. ‘You’ve got a good story to tell. You can say: “I spilled yoghurt all over the president”.’

Zerbest, standing with two friends in the crowd, responded: ‘I’m very embarrassed of that story. But it’s a pleasure – the pleasure is all mine. I’m very sorry sir.’

Caught on camera as he wiped his trousers, Obama added: ‘Getting it on the president is alright but on the Secret Service…’


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