Huge model in desert: Scale Model Solar System Nevada

Published: September 18, 2015

Huge model in desert: Scale Model Solar System Nevada, If you treat the Earth as a marble, what would an accurate, to-scale model of the Solar System actually look like? Something much larger and expansive than a textbook illustration would suggest. To explain the sheer scale of our planetary system, Wylie Overstreet, Alex Gorosh and some friends decided to build their own model at a dry lakebed in Nevada.

Using a reported scale of 1 astronomical unit per 176 metres, the group leveraged seven miles of empty desert to plot the planets and etch their orbital lines into the dirt. Sure, you can’t print it out or keep it on your desk, but it’s a novel idea and does a fantastic job of putting our Solar System into perspective. After you’ve finished watching the short below, we recommend heading here to see how it was all put together.


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