Homer & Marge on split: The Simpsons

Published: June 24, 2015

Homer & Marge on split: The Simpsons, Not that you needed any more proof that Homer and Marge were not really going to divorce and live unhappily ever after, but The Simpsons wants to reassure you one more time that its patriarch and matriarch are going to be juuuuuuust fine.

Backstory: In an interview with Variety last week, showrunner Al Jean mentioned that Homer and Marge legally separate in the season 27 premiere, and soon the Internet was abuzz with outcry over the couples’ looming divorce. The Simpsons twitter account has since tweeted reassurances that Homer and Marge are not in fact breaking up, and Jean himself has been talking fans off various ledges on his own Twitter account, while standing by that tease of that episode.

On Friday, The Simpsons let Homer and Marge do the explaining themselves, releasing a short video in which the couple, under a “Together Forever” banner, address the “baseless rumors” that they will be splitting up. Check it out below. And someone send an ophthalmologist for Homer.

Homer & Marge on split: The Simpsons


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