Head-on collision: Motorcyclist Head-On GoPro

Published: June 25, 2015

Head-on collision: Motorcyclist Head-On GoPro, Jesse Lopez, who uploaded the video to YouTube on June 5, said the crash occurred on April 1 as he was riding his motorcycle on curving Glendora Ridge Road in the Angeles National Forest.

Lopez said in his YouTube post that he remembers riding on the winding mountain road but couldn’t recall the moments before or immediately after the accident.

The video shows a motorcycle maneuvering around several curves before the bike begins to bounce in the roadway, sending the rider toward the left hand side of the street and into an oncoming fire truck.

Following the crash, voices can be heard trying to find out the mile marker on the road so emergency crews can get to the injured rider.

Responding to apparent criticism over someone picking up the camera and recording emergency workers tending to the rider, Lopez said it was a friend of his who he asked to pick up the camera.

“He picked it up because I wanted it. He was here for me after the accident and would visit me,” Lopez stated in the YouTube post.


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