Groom loses it: Groom Bursts Into Tears Bride Aisle

Published: June 25, 2015

Groom loses it: Groom Bursts Into Tears Bride Aisle, The moment a groom first sees his bride is one of great anticipation.

But it all proved a bit too much for Conner Courtney, who dissolved into floods of tears when he caught sight of his bride-to-be.

The emotional groom was captured on film doubled over and sobbing as his now wife, Hannah, walked towards him.

‘The moment I saw her was like seeing my entire life right in front of me,’ Mr Courtney told the Huffington Post.

‘I’m usually good with handling my emotions, but after seeing her and her smile, it was tears of pure happiness and a radiance of love.’

‘I wanted to express that to her, and that’s how it came out.’

Hannah told how she had been expecting tears from her husband-to-be, who she met in the gym in 2013, but was shocked by his reaction.

She said it made her heart feel like it ‘was going to burst’.

The clip starts with Mr Courtney appearing relaxed and even smiling, as the bridesmaids arrive.

In keeping with tradition, he then turns his back ahead of the arrival of his bride-to-be.

When he does eventually turn round, he briefly smiles before being overcome with emotion.

Mrs Courtney’s brother, who was officiating the service, even tries to console his future brother-in-law with a friendly pat on the back.

Mr Courtney’s mother, Kara, who filmed the video, revealed that she can’t stop watching the clip of her son.

‘I kept telling him he would need oxygen when he saw her,’ she said.

‘I wasn’t lying or kidding.’

The couple tied the knot in Arcadia, Oklahoma, on June 13.

The clip of Mr Courtney has been shared nearly two million times after it was posted to Facebook.

Groom loses it: Groom Bursts Into Tears Bride Aisle


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