‘GOT’ scene defended: Sophie Turner Rape Scene

Published: May 20, 2015

‘GOT’ scene defended: Sophie Turner Rape Scene, Warning: Spoilers lie ahead. Game of Thrones once again turned off some viewers for depicting rape on Sunday, but the actress who played the character being sexually assaulted “loved” the scene.

Fans, including a U.S. Senator, took to Twitter after Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) forced himself upon his new wife, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner ), in the sixth episode of Season 5, in which Stark marries into the family that now controls The North — her former home.

Ok, I’m done Game of Thrones.Water Garden, stupid.Gratuitous rape scene disgusting and unacceptable.It was a rocky ride that just ended.

— Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) May 19, 2015

Note: FURY ROAD is an R-rated movie w/ a sexual slaver villain yet Miller & co. didn’t feel the need to include a rape scene. #GameOfThrones

— Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) May 18, 2015

Ok this is never meant to happen to Sansa Stark. @GameOfThrones is about to lose me. #TheNorthRemembers #GameofThrones

— Jamie Tarabay (@jamietarabay) May 18, 2015
Turner, however, felt differently upon reading how her character would be treated by Bolton, who has already been established as a very sick, twisted and abusive individual.

“When I read that scene, I kinda loved it. I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching. It was all so messed up,” Turner told Entertainment Weekly . “It’s also so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making [producer Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!’ But I secretly loved it.”

“After Joffrey, she’s escaped him and you think she’s going to lose her virginity to a guy who’s really sweet and takes care of her and she’s thrown in with a guy who’s a whole lot worse,” Turner added. “But I kind of like the fact she doesn’t really know what a psycho he is until that night. She has a sense, but she’s more scared of his father. And then that night everything gets so f–ked up.”

In George R.R. Martin ‘s A Song of Ice and Fire book series on which the show is based, Turner’s character does not get raped when losing her virginity, but she thinks what does happen is actually worse.

“Doesn’t Theon join in or something?” Turner, who hasn’t read the book version of the scene, told EW. “Yeah, like, thank God that didn’t happen!”

It’s not just a few people on Twitter who didn’t appreciate GoT showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss taking creative license when adapting Martin’s material for TV — an entire website has banned the HBO fantasy series because “rape is not a necessary plot device.”

Sansa Stark was grimly assaulted by her atrocious new husband at the end of Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode, but the actress who plays her – Sophie Turner – was secretly excited about the scene.

After she was nearly forced to marry former worst-guy-ever Joffrey Baratheon, it was easy to think it couldn’t get any worse for Sansa as far as relationships are concerned.

But that assumption was proved wrong when the Lady of Winterfell was set up with the even-more-awful Ramsay Bolton.

Ramsay, who is known to kill other women he gets ‘bored’ with, forced himself on his new wife while making his human pet and Sansa’s former brotherly figure Theon Greyjoy watch on.

It was a ghastly scene that left fans shocked on social media, but at least the actors had a good time making it.

‘When I read that scene, I kinda loved it,’ Turner told Entertainment Weekly about when she first saw the script.

‘I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching. It was all so messed up.’

But Turner, 19, admitted she was hoping for a kinder new romantic partner for her unfortunate character.

‘I thought the love interest was going to be like Jaime Lannister or somebody who would take care of me,’ she said.

‘But then I found out it was Ramsay and I’m back at Winterfell. I love the fact she’s back home reclaiming what’s hers. But at the same time she’s being held prisoner in her own home.

Turner said Ramsay’s cruelty was more difficult to understand than Joffrey’s, and hinted that Sansa would remain under her new husband’s thumb for a while to come.

'GOT' scene defended: Sophie Turner Rape Scene

'GOT' scene defended: Sophie Turner Rape Scene

'GOT' scene defended: Sophie Turner Rape Scene

'GOT' scene defended: Sophie Turner Rape Scene


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