Girl suspended for dress: Evette Reay Suspended Dress

Published: May 25, 2015

Girl suspended for dress: Evette Reay Suspended Dress, A high school senior was suspended on her last day of school – with just 30 minutes to go before the final bell rang – for wearing a dress that was cut above the knee.

For her final day as a student at West Side High School in Dayton, Idaho, Evette Reay chose to celebrate the day in style, and wore a mint green dress with a scalloped lace hem to celebrate her upcoming graduation. But when a Legrand Leavitt, a male teacher at the school, asked her to go home and change because her dress was too short she explained that she couldn’t see understand why he had a problem with her outfit and refused to change.

‘He told me that he was going to call the superintendent and as he was walking out of the library he said: “You do realize that I could hold your diploma for insubordination,”‘ she told ABC8 of Mr Leavitt’s reaction. ‘I felt that was very threatening and out-of-line for the teacher [to say].’

After Evette called her mother Michelle and asked her to bring her a change of clothes, the senior said she learned that she had already been suspended for insubordination.

When Michelle arrived at the school, she and her daughter had a conference with Mr Leavitt and the school principal Tyler Telford. During the meeting Evette’s teacher alleged that she was rude and ‘got in his face’ when told her that her dress was too short.

But Evette claims she was singled out, taking to her Instagram account that day to share a photo of her in her dress and vent her frustration.

‘Today was my last day of high school. I was suspended today for the dress I wore. Why? Because I told a teacher no,’ she wrote. ‘I would not go home and change my dress because other students didn’t have to follow the rules. Needless to say, nothing is inappropriate about my dress anyways.’

She went on to claim that two students shot a gun in the parking lot last month, and even though a ‘student could have been killed’, she said nothing was done because they are ‘good kids’ who go to church on Sundays.

Girl suspended for dress: Evette Reay Suspended Dress

Girl suspended for dress: Evette Reay Suspended Dress

Girl suspended for dress: Evette Reay Suspended Dress


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