Ghost ships adrift: Sea Of Japan Wooden Boats

Published: December 2, 2015

Ghost ships adrift: Sea Of Japan Wooden Boats, A fleet of 11 ghost ships containing the decaying bodies of unidentified seamen suddenly show up on the Japanese coast. An investigation was opened in Japan.

Many conspiracy theories have been raised following the discovery of these eleven ghost ships in Japan. The authorities are racking their brains to identify the bodies. So far rescuers spoke of at least twenty “broken” and “skeletal” bodies, some headless.

In early November, four ships ran aground in the Sea of ??Japan. In recent weeks, seven ships have been discovered in the same place, as explained in the Daily Mail. The last ghost ship was found off the coast of Fukui, 400 km north of Tokyo.

Who are they? Where do they come from? The Japanese authorities are having a hard time answering these questions. There is only one clue: a piece of fabric that seems to come from a North Korean flag. On one ship, one can clearly read “Korean People’s Army.” North Korean sailors may have tried to flee the oppressive regime of leader Kim Jong-un, according to Japanese officials.

These ships did not have any technological equipment on board (such as GPS, for example). The coastguard believe they may have been drifting for six months, without anyone realizing.


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