Gator eats dachshund: Cody Dachshund Alligator

Published: July 3, 2015

Gator eats dachshund: Cody Dachshund Alligator, A Florida couple could not believe their eyes when they saw a large alligator emerge from a pond at a wildlife preserve in Tallahassee teeming with visitors and snatch their pet dachshund.

Casting aside all concerns for their own safety, Mike Karris and his fiancee, Rae Wilkerson, went in pursuit of the scaly dog-napper, jumping into knee-deep water in hopes of rescuing their elderly pooch, Cody, but the reptile proved elusive.

‘I couldn’t catch up to the gator. It was so fast,’ Karris told the Tallahassee Democrat Tuesday. ‘The whole thing, start to finish, didn’t last 5 seconds and the dog wasn’t on the ground for more than a minute.’

Karris and Wilkerson were visiting St Marks National Wildlife Refuge Saturday when the gator attack took place on a crowded boat ramp.

This weekend marked the start of scallop season at the nature preserve and there were many people walking about.

At around 3pm, the engaged-to-be-married couple placed their 11-year-old pet dog on the ground, unleashed for a few minutes, as they readied their boat for departure from the park.

That is when the gator scampered out of the pond.

Karris, an executive at a consulting firm, estimated that the predator must have crossed 10 feet of grass and gravel before reaching the boat ramp, grabbing the helpless dog and dragging it away in its maw.

The dog owner has acknowledged that it was his and Wilkerson’s responsibility to keep Cody tied up, as park rules dictate, but he argued that it was not a good idea for the wildlife refuge to keep around an alligator that was that aggressive.

The administration of the nature preserve countered the dog owner’s argument by releasing a brief statement on its Facebook page indirectly addressing the incident Thursday.

‘Remember we are a wildlife refuge and not a park. Our mission is to provide a protected home for all wildlife,’ the post read. ‘We ask that you respect all wildlife and plants, give them the space they need, and never, ever feed them either directly or by leaving food items behind.


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