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Published: October 26, 2010

Four Loko: The drinks that mix alcohol and caffeine are under control once again after dozens of students from Central Washington University fell ill and nine were hospitalized after admitting he had been drinking Four Loko.

There is no doubt Four Loko and spirits drinkers energy fresh look and provide a buzz.

But there are plenty of questions raised about whether these products are safe and if there is adequate marketing of young drinkers.

That is what Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and others calling the Food and Drug Administration to take its place “The FDA must determine once and for all if these drinks are safe, and if not, that should be prohibited, “Schumer said in a statement in July.

Four Loko maker says he is upset about the products that are abused and consumed illegally by underage drinkers, according to a statement on the website of the company.

Also on the web page, a description of lemon-lime flavored drink four Loko:

A wild blend of tart lemon flavor with a strong touch of lime, 12% alcohol and ingredients of today, such as caffeine, guarana and taurine, all packed in a large 23.5 oz can.

Ken Brigs, head of Physical Education and Public Health of Central Washington University puts it differently. He tells the Los Angeles Times: “In essence what we have is that you have about a six pack of beer … and five cups of coffee in one of these cans.”

Bruce Goldberger, director of toxicology at the University of Florida College of Medicine, tells ABC News: “It’s popular among young people, marketing and packaging has a lot to do with it ..”

And as NPR’s Allison Aubrey reported last February, people who mix alcohol and caffeine are more likely to leave a bar drunk and I think we are good to take home.

So what are you doing? The FDA began an investigation about a year ago in the safety of alcohol with caffeine products.They have not reported any findings public. “That is still ongoing,” said a spokesman for the investigation.

Some large manufacturers stopped making these drinks altogether, and some universities have banned.

For its part, Four Loko agree his statement with the intent of the prohibitions, but not like the finger pointing:

Make campus environments safe and healthy learning is a goal we share with administrators – even those who have opted for a ban of our products. However, we also know that curb alcohol abuse on college campuses is not carried out by selecting a product category alone or drinks.


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