Fountain of youth?: Metformin Anti Aging

Published: December 2, 2015

Fountain of youth?: Metformin Anti Aging, – A drug typically prescribed by doctors to treat patients with Type 2 diabetes could lead to longer life.

A report by International Business Times states the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a human trial of Metformin to being in 2016. The article states that Belgian researchers have proof that Metformin extends the life of animals. Now, they are hoping to recruit 3,000 people, 60 years and older to participate in a trial. Those researchers also believe that the age process can be slowed, allowing people to live to 120-years-old.

From the article:

Dr Jay Olshanky, from the University of Illinois Chicago, spearheaded the new study, discussed on “Breakthrough,” a National Geographic documentary.

He says that by slowing aging in humans, even by just a little, people could live longer and feel young. Its implication is that people would not die of old age when they reach their 70s, 80s or 90s but possibly live until they reach 110 or 120, without the ailments that accompany those difficult years.

Olshanky says it “would be the most important medical intervention in the modern era” to slow aging which scientists say in not an inevitable part of life since cells have a DNA blueprint that could keep a body functioning forever, like some marine creatures.


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