Found 2000 miles away: Texas Flood Dog Thor California

Published: November 4, 2015

Found 2000 miles away: Texas Flood Dog Thor California, A pit bull that was lost after floods hit Texas in May has turned up four months later – more than 2,000 miles away from his home.

Thor was brought to the Del Norte County Animal Shelter in Crescent City, California in October.

Nobody knows how he got to the state but witnesses said they saw Thor jump out of the back of a truck that then drove off. He was brought to the shelter after an officer found him alone on the road.

Eddie Hurtado and his family had to leave Thor and their two other dogs behind when severe flooding hit San Marcos on Memorial Day weekend and forced them to evacuate.

Hurtado said there was high ground at the back of their home that would keep the dogs safe, but when the family returned they saw that the surrounding fence had been washed away.

All three dogs were gone.

Hurtado said the family quickly found their chow-mix Angel, who was in an alley behind the house, he told The Del Norte Triplicate. But female pit bull Dallas is still missing.

Thor was underweight and had some fleas after he was brought to the shelter on September 26, but had no other major health problems.

And after the shelter discovered he was microchipped, they were able to find the Hurtado family’s information and inform them of the good news.

‘It was one of the rare situations where an animal was chipped and the information was correct,’ the shelter’s director Justin Riggs told NBC News.

‘So we were able to get a hold of the owner pretty quickly.’

But although Thor had been found, there was still the matter of bringing him all the way home.

The Hurtados couldn’t afford the estimated $1,500 transportation costs as they worked to repair their flood-damaged home.

And the family was forced to evacuate their home again after heavy rains and flooding hit Texas last week.

Although dogs that arrive at the shelter become the property of the county after five days, Riggs made sure Thor had a place to stay as people tried to help the family find a way to bring him home.

‘Certainly after everything they’ve been through the least we can do is keep him safe here,’ he said.

Thor remained at the shelter for the past month, with fur that is now flee-free and a staff that feed him double-portions regularly.

And, thanks to an Orange County transport driver, Thor is on his way home.

Bruce Heinichen offered to take the dog with him on the way to Houston, with plans to drop him off at San Marcos.

The $665 bill was split by two Good Samaritans in Austin.


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