Flower Blooms In Space: Flower Blooms In Space

Published: January 18, 2016

Flower Blooms In Space: Flower Blooms In Space, For the first time ever, a flower has bloomed in space, aboard the International Space Station. This brings cosmic explorers one step closer to growing other flowering plants in space, like tomatoes, which NASA says it hopes to do in 2018.

First ever flower grown in space makes its debut! #SpaceFlower #zinnia #YearInSpace pic.twitter.com/2uGYvwtLKr

– Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) January 16, 2016
On Saturday, American astronaut Scott Kelly, who has been working since March 2015 on the space laboratory and has become its resident gardner, gleefully announced on Twitter that he successfully coaxed the brightly colored Zinnia to blossom, a big accomplishment, as less than a month ago, the plants were moldy and shriveled.

Our plants aren’t looking too good. Would be a problem on Mars. I’m going to have to channel my inner Mark Watney. pic.twitter.com/m30bwCKA3w

– Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) December 27, 2015
But even the space mold held some interest to researchers, so it was collected and frozen so it can be returned to Earth for study.


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