Fan favorite returns to TV: Powerpuff Girls Reboot

Published: June 11, 2015

Fan favorite returns to TV: Powerpuff Girls Reboot, Yesterday Cartoon Network revealed new details about its Powerpuff Girls reboot that will debut in 2016. In addition to unveiling a look at the updated character designs, which closely resemble the originals minus the thick outlines, the network also announced the voices of the Powerpuff Girls:

Amanda Leighton?

Kristen Li?

Natalie Palamides?

If those names don’t sound familiar, it’s because Cartoon Network decided to recast all of the female leads. While Tom Kenny was able to keep his role as the Narrator/Mayor, the original voices of the Powerpuff Girls — Cathy Cavadini as Blossom, Tara Strong as Bubbles, and Elizabeth Daily as Buttercup — were discarded. The actresses were voicing the superhero trio as recently as last year when they performed in the Powerpuff Girls special Dance Pantsed.

Cartoon Network hasn’t provided a reason for why it replaced all three of the actresses, but the original cast was never contacted, according to Strong, who tweeted extensively about her disappointment and compared it to “a stab in the heart”:

I don’t remember ordering a stab in the heart today

— tara strong (@tarastrong) June 8, 2015

I have NO ILL FEELINGS 4 the actresses in the new #ppg, We were just beyond hurt we were NEVER asked..every role I breathe life into I love

— tara strong (@tarastrong) June 9, 2015

Thanks love…this one hit me hard

— tara strong (@tarastrong) June 9, 2015

Also need to say that I absolutely LOVE my fans so very much

— tara strong (@tarastrong) June 9, 2015

Cavadini also expressed her hurt on Twitter:

I wish the new girls well but Wow! does this hurt my heart:(

— Catherine Cavadini (@CatCavadini) June 9, 2015

As did Elizabeth “E.G.” Daily:

Owie! Rt in the kisser ! Hurts Xxeg

— RealEGDaily (@RealEGDaily) June 8, 2015

The decision to recast the actresses didn’t sit well with the show’s creator Craig McCracken who tweeted a quote from the show’s opening titles in support of his original casting choices:

“These were the ingredients chosen…”@tarastrong @CatCavadini @RealEGDaily

— Craig McCracken (@CrackMcCraigen) June 9, 2015

Recasting all of the main voices of an animation franchise, while not unprecedented, is surprising for a series as well known as The Powerpuff Girls that ran for six seasons. Historically, when a voice actor establishes an iconic character in animation, they voice the character until they are either a.) dead, b.) unable to perform the character, or c.) no longer wish to perform it.

In fact, it’s considered one of the perks of being a voice actor, unlike screen actors whose physical aging may prevent them from performing a role over decades. Voice actors, on the other hand, are timeless. Take, for example, June Foray, who is 97 years old and still recognized as the official voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel, a role that she originated over 55 years ago.

The new Powerpuff series’ executive and co-executive producers, Nick Jennings (Adventure Time) and Bob Boyle (Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!) respectively, have yet to explain to fans why they felt the original voices were expendable.

Powerpuff Girls Reboot

Powerpuff Girls Reboot


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