Faces her fear: Reese Witherspoon Neil Patrick Harris

Published: September 17, 2015

Faces her fear: Reese Witherspoon Neil Patrick Harris, Reese Witherspoon did not quite realize what she was getting herself into as the first star announcer for Neil Patrick Harris’s new live variety TV show Best Time Ever.

For the Oscar-winning actress found herself scaling a huge obstacle course hanging from a crane 15-storeys high in the air in a daredevil challenge against the host.

Reese even scolded Harris – who beat her in the Neil Versus challenge – for not fully revealing what she had signed up for in the Skyscraper challenge.

‘Neil I am going to bury you,’ the actress said confidently before admitting she was scared of heights as they were lifted high into the air.

‘Well you probably should have read the rider,’ the host told her.

‘Is this a good time to say thank you for doing this as my first guest announcer?’

‘I’m not sure this is what I signed up for,’ shouted an increasingly nervous-sounding Reese.

‘I did not know that this is what we were doing. You are off the Christmas list.

‘Oh my God Neil, I am going to kill you,’ she said screaming with genuine sounding fright.

The pair then climbed high into the night sky before reaching the summit and zip-lining back to safety.

‘That was insane, that was way higher than I thought it would be,’ Neil told Reese when they got done to safety.

‘Oh my God, I need a nap. I am good. I am terrified. Oh Neil, you did not tell me that’s what you were doing. He said we are doing like a little stunt.

‘He emailed me and said ‘Hey, let’s do a little stunt’,’ chastised Reese.

‘Sorry,’ said a laughing Neil.

‘That was awesome, thank you,’ an out of breath Reese told him.

Harris kicked off the premiere of the show by walking through a ‘Best Suit Ever’ machine which magically dressed him in his suit.

Oscar-wining Reese, in a flowery dress, stood behind a microphone in her announcer’s box and revealed she had been working on her announcer’s voice for the live event.

Neil went straight into the audience to tell individuals what he knew about them, including one woman who uses a child’s potty on long car journeys.

Neil then grabbed a couple from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, out of the audience to play a game called ‘Best Days of Your Life.’

He told them he he been spying on them dressed as a bellboy at the Plaza Hotel – and had even greeted them upon their arrival.

Neil then revealed he had been dressed in the Alabama football mascot elephant costume at their opening game of the season and had been dancing next to them in the stands.

The couple were then seen on the Kiss Cam with Harris sitting on top of them in the costume.

They then revealed they had been married earlier this year – which Harris told them he new as he had been a guest and even appeared in the back of their wedding photos, eaten their cake and scattered rose petals in their bridal suite.

Neil then told them he was giving them a luxury honeymoon to Antigua.

Next up was a segment called ‘Singalong Live’ in which hidden cameras were planted in the homes of three viewers across America.

‘I won an Oscar for singing someone else’s songs, karaoke has done alright by me,’ Reese told Neil.

Nicole Scherzinger was on hand to help out, as she will be each and every week, and she introduced singer Gloria Gaynor.

Gloria then sang her hit ‘I Will Survive’ with the contestants – and Reese – singing along to win $1,000 by guessing the missing lyric.

Carson Daly then appeared on the show and scolded Neil for not letting Reese win their challenge.

‘How could you let Reese Witherspoon not win that?’ laughed Carson.

Neil then revealed that he had visited the cast of The Voice No .

He then did some gag interviews with unsuspecting hosts Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Carson.

Neil made the interviews as awkward as possible asking Carson is he should describe Gwen as ‘beautiful like dog.’

‘What the f**k just happened?’ Blake was heard telling the other judges as they left the interviews.

Harris, then actually took part in the show with an out of tune blind audition of his own as the host, much to the confusion of the unimpressed judges.

‘What is your deal? This is so weird,’ said Adam before Neil revealed his true identity.

‘I was channeling my best Borat,’ laughed Neil, prompting much guffawing and gnashing of teeth among the studio audience

In the game ‘Get Lucky’ Neil gave audience member Michelle the chance to win a car, trips to Paris, movie tickets, cash, a scooter, bathroom fixtures, cameras, 10,000 candy bars and flowers.

She had to answer questions on the week’s news and won a prize for each correct answer.

Michelle won seven prizes and decided not to gamble and was rewarded with the car among other goodies.

British TV stars Ant and Dec – the hosts of the original UK version of the show – were on hand drinking pints of beer as Neil performed the show’s high energy finale.

They cheered and danced as Neil performed with flair bartenders, did a backflip from a bouncing pogo stick, led a brass marching band, and danced with Nicole and Reese.


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