F1 driver’s body exhumed: Juan Manuel Fangio Exhumed

Published: August 8, 2015

F1 driver’s body exhumed: Juan Manuel Fangio Exhumed, The body of the late Formula One legend Juan Manuel Fangio has been exhumed in a bid to finally resolve paternity cases brought by two men in their seventies claiming to be the racing driver’s sons.

The remains of Fangio, a known womanizer who never married and did not recognize having any children, were removed from a family crypt in his hometown of Balcarce, Argentina, on Friday.

On an Argentine judge’s orders, they were then taken to a morgue for the extraction of DNA samples.

The results are expected to be known in one to two months.

The exhumation, ordered by Judge Rodrigo Cataldo, was carried out in the presence of officials of the Juan Manuel Fangio Foundation at a cemetery in the town where Fangio was born in 1911.

It was in stark contrast to Fangio’s funeral shortly after his death at the age of 84 on July 17, 1995, when more than 10,000 people lined the streets of Buenos Aires to bid the racing driver farewell.

Although Fangio was thought to have been childless, he was a womanizer whose incredible racing success and charm saw him attract a string of beautiful girlfriends, the Daily Express reports.

One of his lovers was rumored to be Eva Peron, the wife of Argentine President Juan Peron.

‘He was extremely popular with the ladies,’ said Gerald Donaldson, a motorsport writer and the author of Fangio, The Life Behind The Legend. ‘He wasn’t particularly handsome. He had the nickname, “El Chuecho”, which means bow legged, but he had a winning way with women.’

Former racing driver Oscar ‘Cacho Fangio’ Espinosa – who had a brief spell in Formula 3 – claims in a suit that his mother was one of the numerous women linked to the five-times world champion.

He says that the pair shared a years-long relationship in the 1950s that resulted in his birth.

And another man, Ruben Vazquez, also claims that he is Fangio’s biological son.

Vazquez, 73, told Reuters he was not after money in his quest to clarify if Fangio was his father.

‘The paternity request was started a long time ago and I’ve had to overcome a lot of blockages and obstacles,’ he said. ‘There are no economic interests in my request.

‘I just want to be recognised for the Fangio surname.’

He said that his mother – who passed away in 2012 at the age of 103 – had signed papers in the presence of a notary public claiming that Fangio was her son’s father.

‘I have no contact with the Fangio family and of course I’d like to know them,’ Vazquez added.

Espinosa’s mother Andrea Berruet, meanwhile, had a long relationship with Fangio until 1960.

The now- 77-year-old former racing driver is reported to have provided a bunch of letters that the racing driver wrote to Berruet, asking after him, as proof of Fangio’s paternity.

Fangio won a record-breaking five world titles between 1951 and 1957.

Juan Manuel Fangio Exhumed

Juan Manuel Fangio Exhumed

Juan Manuel Fangio Exhumed


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