Ex-NFLer a deadbeat dad?: Clint Session Disabled Daughter

Published: July 22, 2015

Ex-NFLer a deadbeat dad?: Clint Session Disabled Daughter, A former NFL star once on a $30 million contract has been accused of refusing to pay child support for his special needs daughter who suffers from several developmental disabilities – and even allegedly hiding millions of dollars in the name of his parents so his ex can’t find it.

Linebacker Clint Session signed a five-year deal worth $30 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011 – with $11 million guaranteed – however he suffered multiple concussions during one of his first games and was waived in December 2012 after not recovering from his injuries.

Around this time he started losing interest of in his relationship his girlfriend of four years, Davia Bradshaw, who was months away from giving birth to his child.

After their daughter, Ashton, was born with numerous disabilities- including cerebral palsy, encephalopathy and a brain defect – Bradshaw says she has been locked in a three-year legal battle with Session in an attempt to get him to help with Aston’s medical bills.

‘What is going on with the law?’ Bradshaw told the New Times Broward- Palm Beach.

‘This is justice denied.

‘We’ve been going through this for three years.’

Ashton is unable to walk, nearly blind and cannot eat normal foods.

According to dourt documents, Session paid Bradshaw $75,100 between April 2012 and December 2014.

The payments allegedly came in ‘erratic bundles’, and Bradshaw sued Session to make the payments more regimented.

The former Indianapolis Colts player then showed up to court without a lawyer and claimed he was broke.

However, Bradshaw’s legal team subpoenaed Session’s bank records.

Through a forensic accountant they found that, before Ashton’s birth, he transferred $5.1 million to his parents.

Judge Arthur Birken said this was ‘an attempt to circumvent and specifically intended to avoid paying his proper child support obligation’.

Then, last year, Session reportedly bought a home in Indianapolis for $850,000.

The New Times Broward-Palm Beach reported that he also bought his new girlfriend a $34,820 Mercedes, gave $20,000 to a church and bought a $17,521 refrigerator his Indianapolis smoothie bar, Raw Juice.

‘At no time did the Respondent/Father explain where, for what and whom these monies came,’ the judge concluded.

In February this year, the judge ruled that Session must pay $6,900 a month in child support, as well as $2,000 per month in back child support.

But Bradshaw is not content with the outcome.

She has filed a motion for contempt, claiming Session has only paid $1,000 this year, so the judgement is not correct.

Session is trying to have the judgement tossed out.

The case continues.

Clint Session Disabled Daughter

Clint Session Disabled Daughter


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