Ex-nanny seeks TV gig: Ben Affleck Nanny

Published: August 18, 2015

Ex-nanny seeks TV gig: Ben Affleck Nanny, Ben Affleck’s nightmare continues—because his former nanny just won’t go away! Christine Ouzounian, meanwhile, remains at the center of a story that refuses to disappear, very quickly going from fired employee caught in the crosshairs to the nanny from hell.

When it was alleged that Ben had been having a fling with a woman hired to help care for his children, he strenuously denied it. But regardless of whether the duo really did cozy up or not, Christine has proved adept at hogging the headlines.

Talk about it being hard to find good help these days!

And it’s definitely difficult to find a good nanny, whether you’re a celebrity parent or not or have an exclusive Beverly Hills nanny agency on your side.

The No. 1 question I am asked about this story is, Why on earth did Jennifer hire such a young, pretty lady for the task? I am not sure what it was about Christine that clinched the job, but I do know that the last thing Jen expected was that Christine might end up with her husband. Yes, Ben and Jen were separated when the alleged relationship was said to have occurred…but he was still her husband!

When you start to type the name “Christine” into Google’s search bar, the first suggested “Christine” that pops up is Christine Ouzounian. The story has become one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the year, presumably very much due to the idea that someone with such intimate knowledge of your family could swoop in like this.

I expect that Jen and Ben thought this scandal would go away. Once Ben denied it, that would put a damper on the excitement, take the wind out of the story’s sails. And aside from the nighttime snaps of Ben and Christine, as she took champagne to his house in mid-July, there were no new pictures to keep the story in the headlines. Well, at least there weren’t, until Christine supposedly started publishing them herself.

Now the story really won’t die—it keeps growing, and the main reason for that is the nanny herself.

This week, a friend of mine happened to spot Christine lunching with friends at Beverly Hills restaurant Il Pastaio, the kind of place people go to be seen, and as a result, it’s often frequented by the paparazzi.

My spy was in total shock about how much Christine seemed to be lapping up the attention during her lunch outing; she was loud and acting as if she wanted to be watched. After arriving at the eatery and giving her waiter a kiss on the cheek, she then sat down at an outside table, in full view of any obliging photographers, and ordered the first of three glasses of rosé wine.

“She was laughing very loudly and kept flicking her hair while she gossiped with her friends,” the eyewitness observed. “Every so often she would stop talking so she could check her reflection in the outside window of the restaurant. She would then take a selfie…In between the picture-taking and laughing, she would toast her wine glass.”


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