EU to crack down: EU Nations Violent Extremists

Published: November 21, 2015

EU to crack down: EU Nations Violent Extremists, Justice and Interior ministers met this morning in Brussels for an extraordinary meeting, convened after the Paris attacks. French President Francois Hollande has confirmed that the number of people killed last Friday has risen to 130.

Nations are calling for systematic controls of EU citizens at the external borders.

The move will see member states share more information on citizens and lead to increased cooperation between policing forces across the continent.

This will include sharing passenger flight information between police authorities within the EU.

Luxembourg Justice Minister Etienne Schneider, who chaired the emergency meeting, said quick and strengthened action “is not an option but an obligation.”

The European Commission has been tasked with looking at changes in the Schengen border system to make sure loopholes are closed.

According to EUobserver, under France’s impulse, ministers will call to “implement immediately the necessary systematic and coordinated checks at external borders, including on individuals enjoying the right of free movement”.

Draft conclusions released by Statewatch see member states reiterating that the attacks in Paris “were an assault on the European values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law”.

Frontex and Europol are being invited to assist member states bordering the Western Balkans region with regard to increasing controls of external borders to detect smuggling of firearms.

Amongst other controls, the member states are also being asked to carry out a systematic registration, including fingerprinting, of all migrants entering into the Schengen area and perform systematic security checks by using relevant databases in particular SIS II, Interpol SLTD database, VIS and national police databases, with the support of Frontex and Europol, and ensure that hotspots are equipped with the relevant technology.

“Europol will deploy guest officers to the hotspots in support of the screening process, in particular by reinforcing secondary security controls.”


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