‘Empire’ star’s racy cover: Taraji P Henson Braless

Published: June 24, 2015

‘Empire’ star’s racy cover: Taraji P Henson Braless, Her on-screen persona may be known for flashing her lacy underwear but Taraji P. Henson has taken it one step further – and ditched the underwear all together.

The 44-year-old star steamed up W Magazine in a glamorous, but extra sexy, fashion spread.

The Empire star who bought sassy matriarch Cookie to life has shown anything Cookie can do, she can do better.

For the shoot – which accompanied and interview with the actress – Taraji ditched her bra making even jeans and T-shirt simmer.

On the cover of the magazine, the actress is the epitome of understated sexy in a white V-neck Henley that is slightly see through with blue distressed denim and her hair made to look wet as if she just stepped out of the shower.

Inside the magazine, the Baby Boy turned up the heat even more, wearing nothing but a red open shirt with her ample cleavage on clear display.

Taraji has said previously said she feels like her outspoken character Cookie has taken over her life, but this shoot has certainly let the real star step out of the Fox hit creation’s shadow.

That’s not to say Taraji does like the character that has fast taken over her life, telling W’s Pop Issue that she and Cookie share a struggle.

She told the magazine: ‘Cookie is bold and crazy, and she loves the struggle. She started from nothing, and now she’s at the top. In that way, we’re alike: Cookie is the American Dream.’

Taraji herself had to work hard to get where she is, making a tough choice for her and her son Marcel Henson, 20, and risking everything to make it in Hollywood.

The star moved out to Los Angeles when her son was a toddler: ‘It was a struggle. But my son grew as my career grew. I never had a nanny – I did TV so I could be home with him. I wasn’t making my millions, but I was able to fulfill my dreams and be a mother.’

Of course, the struggle paid off with an Oscar nomination for Actress in a Supporting Role for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and now having the top role in television’s top show.

While the role of the matriarch struggling to get a piece of the business she started before spending years behind bars is now the role of her career, Taraji almost did not take it when creator Lee Daniels offered it to her.

‘I was like, ”This is stupid. Hip-hop – dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.” But then I started to think, ”Cookie is going to piss so many people off!”

‘She hits her son with a broom; she talks back. Clearly, this was a challenge.’

Instead of ‘pissing people off’ Cookie and her outlandish style have become fan favourites.

‘They want Cookie. They see her heart. They see her intentions.

‘And they love her style – her style is 17 years behind the fashion curve, which makes the clothes a character on the show. As Cookie grows, you’ll see her fashion grow. And people love that – she’s a work in progress.

‘The only thing that never changes is her spirit: To me, Cookie is living, breathing, walking truth.’

Promotion for the second season of the Fox show, which also stars Terrence Howard, has furiously started.

However, the push to make this season even bigger than the last has already taken its toll, with Taraji ending up in the hospital last week.

On Friday, the actress posted a picture on her social media of herself with a drip on her arm.

Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard in hit Fox show Empire
The star told her fans: ‘God has a way of saying, ‘You’re doing too much! SAT DOWN SOMEWS-EX-RE.’ I’m listening Father!!! I am taking several seats!!!’

But she assured everyone that she would be alright: ‘Don’t worry y’all I’m a tough cookie! HA! I will be just fine. My momma and best friends are flying in to check on me. I AM FINE!!!!!!! Just need to SAT ALL TS-EX- WAY DOWN for a bit. #listentoyourbody.’

Empire – and Cookie – returns to Fox September 23.

Taraji P Henson Braless

Taraji P Henson Braless

Taraji P Henson Braless

Taraji P Henson Braless


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