Egypt Nightclub Attack

Published: December 4, 2015

Egypt Nightclub Attack, A Molotov cocktail hurled into a Cairo nightclub killed 16 people and wounded at least five on Friday, Egyptian security officials have said.

An official said one of the attackers was an employee who had been sacked from the establishment in the Agouza area of Cairo.

Victims were burned to death or died from smoke inhalation. The nightclub, also a restaurant, was located in a basement, offering no escape route.

Hussain Hassan, the manager, told the Telegraph that he tried to prevent a group from entering because he suspected they would cause problems. “They were a group of thugs. I prevented them entering the club around 4am because they get drunk and cause problems.

“Around 6.30 am, six thugs returned with three motorcycles and attacked the shop with guns and Molotov cocktails.”

Mr Hassan said that all the victims were employees of the nightclub: 11 men and 5 women.

But MENA, Egypt’s state-run news agency, quoted an unnamed security official as saying it was three men on a motorcycle who threw Molotov cocktails into the club and then fled.

While Egypt is regularly hit by extremist violence, particularly targeting security forces, attacks on nightclubs are rare.

An online video showed thick black smoke pouring through the doorway of the restaurant as onlookers milled outside unable to help.

Some reports said that the attackers threw petrol at the entrance of the nightclub, which is located in the ground floor, to prevent those inside from escaping.

A witness, Mohammed Ali, working in a shop nearby said that he heard gunfire in the early morning. “I saw two people in a motorcycle covering their face.”

“I saw some of the dead people while they were taken by the ambulance, they are not burnt, they most probably died because of suffocation,” he said.

The interior ministry denied that the incident was terrorism. Security officials told the press that the preliminary investigation confirmed that the attack happened after a dispute between the nightclub staff and some other people.


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