Dutch crane collapses: Netherlands Crane Collapse

Published: August 4, 2015

Dutch crane collapses: Netherlands Crane Collapse, Some 20 people were reported injured when two cranes collapsed onto housing in a western Dutch town on Monday as they attempted to hoist a large section of a bridge into place across a waterway, the Dutch public broadcaster said.

Footage posted online showed the cranes teetering and then collapsing onto houses on one side of the waterway as they tried to lift a heavy load.

The houses, barely half the height of the cranes, appeared to have been crushed by the falling cranes and the bridge section.

“Two cranes and the stretch of roadway they were carrying fell on five houses in all,” Ton Koot, brigade spokesman for firefighters of the central Holland region, said.

“There are about 20 injured,” he said, giving preliminary figures from first responders, who were being aided by air-ambulance helicopters.

Emergency services in Alphen aan den Rijn confirmed the accident.

The cranes, working from barges, were renovating the Queen Juliana Bridge, a canal bridge dating from the 1950s, when the first machine went down.

Unbalanced by the extra load, the second crane then fell.

The Dutch TV channel NOS said the cranes fell on a second-hand clothing store and another shop selling art and drawing supplies.


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