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Published: December 20, 2011

Duggar Baby Photo, The decision of the Duggar family to post a photo showing the little hand of the baby who had a miscarriage Michelle Duggar earlier t her month reflects a growing trend among the grieving parents to find way to deal openly with their loss.

The picture posted on the blog of the family shows the small hand on the finger of her mother, and accompanied by a recorded audio message for the child who was the Duggar Baby “21 and the new star of reality TV TLC with Duggar, “19 Children and counting.”

Several experts mourning said Monday that the decision to unconventional family could help others who are struggling to cope with a miscarriage or loss of a child.

Too often, experts say grief, miscarriage is largely ignored or dismissed by family and friends who care and try to calm the mother and father. Parents, however, are often shaken by a profound sense of loss following months or weeks of anticipation – the thought of names, the preparation of a nursery or ask which side of the family of their child will take after.

Recognizing the error, such as photographing Duggar, “can often help the healing and grieving process, grief experts said.

The most important thing, they say: Friends and family should not judge the decisions of the bereaved parents and instead offer support, even if they do not agree with how parents treat.

“There are people who say, ‘Oh my God, why would she do that?” Grief counselor Allison Daily’s approach Duggar. ” “I feel like no one should judge that they have been in t her situation. T her is one of the toughest, the most horrible things that can happen to a parent. They must decide what is good for them. ”

Daily is a grief counselor in the Department of Obstetrics of the Valley Hospital in Aspen, Colorado, and author of a book on emerging pain called “Out of the Canyon.”

She said she believes the Duggar offer a great lesson for other parents struggling with their own pain.

“For me, it is a model for how we should deal with the loss,” Daily. “In the past, too many people pushed [new error] down and decided to make it disappear and it causes depression and you never really finished the grieving process. But t her child was part of her life. I think it’s a good thing she did. ”

Judy Blore, program director of mourning Base in Pennsylvania, called the Duggar courageous for their unconventional approach and said he will finally provide the close family and peace. “By showing t her picture they are showing that the child is real, and if you have a real child that you have the real sorrow,” said Blore.

Take pictures of an unborn baby or a stillbirth, writing him letters or poems, or make audio or video messages are all actions that counselors suggest to grieving parents with the child give an official name and holding a memorial service or funeral, Blore said.

“I think we are dealing with things in a more healthy, recognizing and acknowledging that there is a loss,” she said.

These measures, especially to take pictures, may seem morbid to a stranger. But Daily said that the process is anything but. Much depends on the size and condition of the baby, which is usually born after the birth, was induced.

As part of the grieving process in Aspen Valley, Daily, she will gently wash the baby’s body, dress and swaddle him in a blanket and encourage the mother and father to cherish a moment private. Although it can be a heartbreaking, it is also incredibly cathartic, she said.

A photographer for such training sessions sensitive take pictures, perhaps of little feet of the child with a family cross leaning against the tiny plant, or even the profile of the child.

“It seems really difficult, but it can be a beautiful moment to capture the essence of the child,” Daily. “Parents can look back later, the pictures and say,” These are his feet. ”

Daily she has worked with countless patients over the years, and many parents complain so often if they have no memories to cherish.

The Duggar family has not discussed the circumstances surrounding the image displayed on their website family. But the non-profit organization Now I lay sleeping, composed of volunteer photographers who provide free pictures of families suffering from loss of a child, posted a news release said provided services to the family.

The name of their baby Duggar Shalom Jubilee, because it means “joyous celebration of peace.” His name is in harmony with the rest of her brothers and sisters whose names all begin with J. The Duggar are dedicated Christians who have been criticized in some corners because they no longer use birth control and say they have put God in charge of family size.

Michelle Duggar, who had a miscarriage early in her marriage, said in her audio message jubilee baby she will proudly tell people that it has 21 children in total – 19 on Earth, and two more in the sky.


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