Drew Barrymore InStyle

Published: January 12, 2012

Drew Barrymore InStyle, She’s in love! That’s why Drew Barrymore can’t help gushing about her new fiancĂ©. Recently, she shared some of her innermost feelings with InStyle as their upcoming February cover girl.

“He’s lovely…He’s really positive,” says Drew. “We go on group trips and spend holidays together — there’s a lot of love,” she insists. She goes on to say her new life is completely different from her old on. She called her early life “inconsistent” and “unstable”. She says the highs and lows of it were hard.

Barrymore admits that when she was in her youth, she thought she wanted the rollercoaster ride with all of its ups and downs. Now, however, she says she likes the “flat line” of a stable, consistent life.

Barrymore also talked about beauty and cosmetic surgery as part of her InStyle interview. “I say don’t fight the rings on the trunk of the tree,” she shares. “Just keep counting ’em.”

She does, however, admit that the idea of not looking like the woman she now sees in the future frightens her. Still, she insists that character is always key. She claims it’s what makes a person worthwhile as well as interesting. She laughingly admits, “I look ten times better after an exercise class than I do any other time of the day.”


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