DNC suspends Sanders: Bernie Sanders DNC

Published: December 19, 2015

DNC suspends Sanders: Bernie Sanders DNC, The Democratic National Committee has agreed to allow the Bernie Sanders campaign to regain access to voter files, Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs told CNN. The DNC has confirmed the decision.

The DNC had cut off Sanders from a crucial voter database, saying the campaign wrongly accessed data gathered by Hillary Clinton’s team. Sanders filed suit in federal court Friday evening seeking to regain access to its own voter data.

The campaign also activated its email list to launch a petition against the DNC and went on a media blitz.

The breach occurred when the vendor, NGP VAN, which supplies access to the database of voter information for both campaigns dropped the firewall, and at least one Sanders campaign staffer accessed Clinton campaign voter data. The accused staffer, Josh Uretsky, Sanders’ national data director, was fired from the campaign.

Uretsky said he and his team downloaded only phone numbers but did so to alert the DNC and NGP VAN that the Sanders campaign was aware that voter info in the DNC database wasn’t being properly protected.

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“We knew that what we were doing was being recorded,” he told CNN. “We didn’t try to be sneaky at all.”

The Sanders campaign said that the breach was not the first one, and that the campaign had reported them in the past.

But the DNC charged that “multiple staffers” from the Sanders campaign downloaded information that they did not have the right to collect over an extended period.


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