Detroit Lions Preseason

Published: August 20, 2011

Detroit Lions Preseason, The time has finally come: the next episode of the Great Lakes Classic is touted here. While the pomp that goes with this game is bizarre, to say the least, this means that we are a pre-season game almost see the games that really count in the standings.

To help you pumped for the pre-season epic rivalry, I caught up with Zac Snyder SideLion report this week to see what is new in the Lions’ training camp.

Matthew Stafford will eventually be the reason why the Lions are successful this season. Do you think he can stay healthy for full 16 games? How has he looked so far this preseason? He has apparently helped by the restructuring of his contract.

Stafford was magnificent in the first pre-season game. Thank you to resume a drop kick, Stafford was 6-7 for 71 yards and two touchdowns and made the night before the Bengals offense ran their first play. The one incompletion was a bullet that passed through the hands of Jahvid Best. I am optimistic that it will last all season and am the coaching staff. His collection included a lot of upper bodywork and is quite different.

The restructuring of his contract gave the team more and $ 6 million over the course of the CAP, which allowed them to sign Stephen Tulloch and others. He will get his money, it just will come as a bonus rather than salary, but he is clearly committed to the team because they are his.

What was the reaction to the Lions’ 34-3 win over the fans of the Cincinnati Bengals last week?

Report SideLion my survey said that most fans had exceeded their expectations, while another large piece had met their expectations. Only a couple of opponents managed to say, the Lions fell short of expectations. I was very pleased with how they played, especially the way they controlled the match from beginning to end, in spite of different players to see action. That speaks well to the depth of the list and preparation.

What are your views on Ndamukong Suh being fined 20 000 and for his hit on Andy Dalton? Would you consider him a dirty player?

I’m not surprised he was fined and even the amount is not particularly surprising is his beautiful third. It can develop a reputation as a threat quart but it is not dirty. He is aggressive without taking cheap shots and it will be another sign of the wussification of the NFL, if he does is labeled “dirty.”

What is the most compelling position battles taking place in the Lions’ training camp so far?

The place cornerback intrigues me. Chris Houston re-signed with the team and should have a starting place locked, but the time the game is to win elsewhere. The Lions did not go after high-profile corners, but I think the talent level similar group provides healthy competition. Someone will have accelerated to earn his or her time playing and I think that’s a good situation for the team. Eric Wright, Aaron Berry and Alphonso Smith are three names that, when all in good health, will fight for playing time.

The season ends with Achilles tendon injuries to Mikel Leshoure also means some time at running back is available. Maurice Morris appears the favorite to back Jahvid Best, but Jerome Harrison and Mike Bell were taken after the injury Leshoure. The Lions have not been very good running the ball so that will be something to look into the night Friday.

So here’s the big question: Lions will fight for a playoff spot in 2011?

Support? I think so. Make the playoffs? Probably not. The NFC has a little depth and thus the problem with the Lions penciled in for a playoff spot is who to leave out. I have argued that competing for playoff spot in ways that remain relevant to the point that the list of networks in the Lions ‘hunting’ category when they display their graphics picture playoffs. I expect the Lions to finish in the range 8-8 or 9-7 should be enough to cope, but not the land, a playoff spot.


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