Dances and dunks: Stephen Curry Nae-Nae

Published: September 8, 2015

Dances and dunks: Stephen Curry Nae-Nae, Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry was in town during the weekend. And while his meeting with Daniel Padilla spread far and wide in the Twitterverse, and his dancing the Nae-Nae completed enamored everyone, his one-on-one with seven-year-old Dominic Tuason is hogging the headlines.
Why? Because little Dominic here scored against the towering Curry.

Dominic dominated the exhibition, hungrily running after the ball for possession, skidding past Curry at one point in the 2-minute video, and had near-baskets several times.

They both had awkward starts. The ball went out of bounds on Dominic’s first possession while Curry almost lost the ball thanks to his flashy dribbling.

Then Dominic goes past Curry for a lay-up, but misses. He then recovers the ball and goes for a jumper, but then misses again.

When Curry misses his second three-pointer, Dominic takes possession and then goes for three consecutive baskets. The first two he misses. The last, it was like cherry on top.

Dominic tells ABS-CBN’s TJ Manotoc that the experience was “good. It feels good.”

Curry, meanwhile was impressed with Dominic’s handling. “He’s on his way. Seven years old. I can’t do that at seven,” the visiting Curry said.


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