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Published: March 2, 2011

Curve Treadmill, Did in the gym, congratulations. But is overwhelmed by a sea of machinery that is best for you? International fitness expert Kelli Calabrese actions of the pros and cons of a variety of cardio equipment.
“The definition of cardiovascular fitness is the ability to perform large muscle movement over a sustained period”

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After “How I can get a flat stomach? The second most popular question I get asked is,” What cardio machine is best? “The menu of options to choose from is vast and aerobic equipment manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ways to torture us.

If you enter the area of cardio at the gym, you break a sweat trying to decide what equipment to use. Some options include life cycle, Precor EFX Elliptical, Crossrobics Stairmaster, Nautilus Arc Trainer, Versa Climber, Concept II rowing, lots of treadmills and one of my favorites, Step Mill. You can choose only the lower body, upper body only, or both. You can ski, skate, climb, step or row.

The definition of cardiovascular fitness is the ability to perform large muscle movement over a sustained period. Is related to the ability of the heart-lung machine to deliver oxygen to sustainable energy. It is also called cardiorespiratory endurance or aerobic endurance. Therefore, with options available for many machines improve our cardiovascular fitness, which is best?
There are many options cardio machines in gyms. Choose the one that suits you, raise your heart to an optimal level, and not sacrifice form.
When someone asks me “What is the best?” they say, “What will you burn more fat in the shortest amount of time and look good on me?” Let’s look at some of the popular choices and what are the pros and cons.
These remain the most popular at the moment. Walking is relatively easy for you and is used to doing, so there is not much of a learning curve. Walking is low impact, making it easier on the body. Treadmills help you keep pace and most have a variety of programs that can keep you challenge. You can monitor your progress and see improvements in time, distance and speed.
Walking can cause leg cramps if done to excess, and not the best calorie burner. Many people find it boring to walk inside. Running is an excellent calorie burner, but at a higher cost for your joints. If you do progress to running, take several months to safely develop it. To compensate for the drive belt passing, add a 2 percent slope on the tape more closely simulates walking outdoors. To make this challenge, try different pre-set programs to vary your speed and incline, then try to beat your own record.
Stationary Bikes
There are both upright and recumbent bikes to choose from, as well as bikes with upper body levers. The bikes are less stressful to the joints and once you get used to spending time in the chair, which are relatively comfortable. Recumbent bikes are a good starting point for beginners and those with back pain.
It’s harder to get your heart rate up on a bike since the weight of your legs helps push the pedals, therefore requiring less effort. To do this deliberately challenging, focus on keeping the cadence up or add resistance. Otherwise this may be a low-calorie burner. Lance Armstrong as it rises.
It is a great calorie burner when done correctly. Although you may be accustomed to climbing stairs, this machine has stairs step by step and your body to a whole new level. You are fully supporting the weight on the pedals, so it takes a lot of energy (calories) to keep this exercise.
It’s easy to cheat by locking arms on the team. Climbers are not comfortable for anyone with knee pain. It takes some time to build the endurance to sustain this exercise for 20 minutes. To make this more difficult, focus on posture. Ultimately, can do this exercise without holding on and by pumping your arms.
This family of devices is the relatively low impact and therefore less stressful for the joints. They are excellent for injury rehabilitation or for beginners. Boom will help raise the heart rate and increased work (calories burned).
Again, unless you are choosing a high level of intensity, is just one easy step, without breaking a sweat. To make this more difficult, try to increase their levels, pump your arms and programs change often.
Step Mills
You will recognize it as the tallest piece of equipment on the ground. It represents more stairs, what might be called functional training for those who need to climb many stairs. Also this is a very difficult exercise, because you have to support your body weight. This will make your heart rate up insurance.
Take time to build speed. The tendency is to want to look down because you feel like you’re going to travel. You feel like you’re moving slowly, but their heart rate actually speeds up. It is also easy to cheat in this case relying on the handrail. To make this more difficult, place your hands lightly on the rails and, finally, try to swing their arms at his side, naturally, as they rise.
It is a great total body cardio workout. Helps improve endurance of postural muscles (abdominals and upper and lower back). This exercise is low impact and easy to get into your target heart rate due to the involvement of the arm and leg.
It may not be comfortable for anyone with knee or hip problems. If you do not maintain good form, you can encourage bad posture and stretch your back muscles and shoulders. To make this more difficult, focus on your posture and improve your career. Try to beat your personal score beats per minute or meters traveled in time. When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, several factors come into the response of “what is best.” As you can see, there are pros and cons of any exercise you can choose. Whatever choice you make, you must do it consistently, correctly and with intensity.
Here’s the key. When you find a piece of equipment you like, do it often. “Often” means three times a week to improve their health and up to five times a week to improve fitness, burn calories and improve cardiovascular efficiency improved.
Never sacrifice form for speed or performance. If the exercise is to be a lifelong commitment, you want to keep your body healthy, injury free and feeling your best at all times. Think about keeping your body relaxed when you do cardio and you find that you can be more efficient than the team you choose.
The heart rate is usually a good indicator of intensity. Healthy adults should strive for 60-90 percent of your maximum heart rate. If you’re not working hard enough, you will not see the benefits. If you are working very hard, you’re preparing for an injury. The end result is to choose something that is often done, is convenient and feels good (when it’s over.) The best advice I can give is to use a variety of equipment. Some burn more calories, some are more physically challenging and some are better than others. Your body may need different things on different days. If you had a tough workout, you might want to make foot or bike. If you are rested and feeling of tension, you may want to address the Stairmaster. The important thing is to do so. The benefits are priceless.

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