Cubs fans raising money to send Steve Bartman to postseason: Steve Bartman Incident

Published: October 2, 2015

Cubs fans raising money to send Steve Bartman to postseason: Steve Bartman Incident, A GoFundMe page has been created by Cubs fans with the hope of raising $5,000 to send Steve Bartman to the Cubs’ playoff game.

The Cubs are going to play the Pirates in the Wild Card Game. It appears that game will be in Pittsburgh.

Here is the description: “Lifelong Cubs fan wants to make amends for 2003, lets make it happen. First we need to find him to get him to the big game. If anyone knows where he is at, tell him we are looking for him. The money would pay for his expenses including his ticket, hotel room, flights and a little spending money.”

Kudos to the level-headed Cubs fans who want to make this happen. Bartman was eviscerated for trying to grab a foul ball during Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series against the Marlins. It prolonged the eighth inning (probably) but Cubs fans (and manager Dusty Baker) conveniently forgot that Alex Gonzalez made a crucial error that opened the way to an eight-run inning.

Cubs fans’ days were ruined, and most of them took it out on Bartman, who rightfully feared for his safety.

An ESPN “30 for 30” special was particularly eye-opening for the vitriol Cubs fans showed Bartman, who has refused to be interviewed since the incident.

“If he cannot be found by time of the big game all the proceeds raised will be donated to the Alzheimer’


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