Country singer to rehab: Stoney Larue Rehab

Published: July 23, 2015

Country singer to rehab: Stoney Larue Rehab, Country singer Stoney LaRue will enter rehab after being arrested for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down the stairs during a fight over her noisy hair dryer.

Police said they arrested the musician, 38, after responding to a domestic violence call in Oklahoma City around 7am on Monday morning, reported E! News.

The singer issued a statement on Tuesday apologizing to fans for his actions and saying he would be entering ‘an intensive and extensive’ rehab program.

‘I want to apologize to my family, my friends and my fans for the recent circumstances that have come to light,’ he said in an official statement released on his website.

‘I am going to take some time to work on myself. I will be entering an intensive and extensive program, and I appreciate your thoughts and good wishes for me during this trying time.’

He added: ‘Please check my website and Facebook page for updates on my upcoming tour dates, but most importantly, I appreciate your support during this time.’

The alleged incident began when LaRue and a female friend returned to the residence drunk and rowdy at around 4am, according to police.

LaRue’s girlfriend, Amanda Winsworth, was disturbed by the noise and went to sleep in her car, before returning to the home around 7am to get ready for work, reports

When she began using a hair dryer, LaRue woke up and complained about the noise, before allegedly lunging for the hair dryer and throwing around her makeup bag and toiletries.

When Winsworth bent down to pick up her things, LaRue allegedly pushed her from behind, sending her tumbling head-first down the stairs.

Winsworth called 911, and when police arrived they discovered multiple scratches and scrapes on her back and legs.

The Aviator singer, who was in Oklahoma City to perform a concert, was released on bail.

The pair told police they had been dating for three years, reports

Winsworth asked for privacy on social media, writing: ‘The happenings of this incident have been blown out of proportion by the media,’ she Tweeted on Tuesday.

‘I was never struck by my boyfriend @stoneylarue.’

Stoney Larue Rehab

Stoney Larue Rehab

Stoney Larue Rehab

Stoney Larue Rehab


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