Clinton wig rumors: Matt Drudge Hillary Clinton Hair

Published: November 13, 2015

Clinton wig rumors: Matt Drudge Hillary Clinton Hair, Is Hillary Clinton wearing a wig? Matt Drudge has claimed the Democratic presidential candidate’s hair is fake because she never appears to show her scalp – but one of the two stylists known to do Mrs Clinton’s hair told Daily Mail Online that the allegation is ‘ridiculous’.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday morning, Drudge, who runs The Drudge Report, one of the leading news aggregation websites in the world, posted pictures of Clinton to more than 320,000 followers, with captions including: ‘Can we talk about Hillary’s wig?’

And notably, Drudge also deleted every single tweet on his account leaving only five – all about Hillary and her hair.

‘Never let them see your scalp,’ he wrote, alongside an image of Clinton in a dark green suit, taken yesterday as she attended a veterans roundtable discussion with the Truman National Security Project at the VFW Hall in Derry, New Hampshire.

Along with another close-up of Clinton’s hair, he posed the question: ‘Human Or Synthetic?’

The Drudge Report led its coverage with the claims from Wednesday morning, underneath a headline: ‘WIGGED OUT: HILLARY GIVES UP HAIR BATTLE’.

Clicking on the headline initially led to Drudge’s Twitter feed.

The former McDonald’s manager turned editor and political commentator launched the website in 1996 just as the Internet was becoming widely available.

Despite the website’s bare bones look, it can make a story with a link – and claims to get around a billion visits every month.

The roots of his site’s success in fact lie in covering the Clintons.

He effectively broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal when he published a piece in January 1998 that Newsweek had turned down, and followed that up with a series of scoops about the investigation into Bill Clinton which Lewinsky was part of.

Drudge also broke the news that Prince Harry had been deployed in Afghanistan in 2008, causing the Royal to be suddenly pulled out.

However, one of Clinton’s trusted personal stylists has branded the allegations that she wears a wig ‘ridiculous’.

Santa Nikkels, who runs a top salon in Chappaqua, New York, told Daily Mail Online on Wednesday: ‘The thing is people say things and you can’t believe it.

‘That’s absolutely not true. It’s really ridiculous.’

Nikkels was revealed to be one of Clinton’s hair saviors after mysterious references to a ‘Santa’ kept popping up in the former New York senator’s emails.

Earlier this year, ‘Santa’ was identified as Nikkels, who tends to Clinton’s hair needs when she is in Chappaqua, where she and husband Bill have a home.

And while Donald Trump is the presidential candidate who has been the butt of most hair-related jokes, the former secretary of state hasn’t escaped unscathed.

In the past, she has regularly made quips about her hair, given that it has been a frequent topic of discussion in the press.

Earlier this year, she said there was no way she would let her hair turn white in the White House – and added that she has been ‘coloring it for years’.

She was responding to concerns that, at 69, she would be the second oldest president in American history to assume office after Ronald Reagan if she were to win the presidential election next year.

In July, she was photographed going into New York’s fanciest department stores so she could have a haircut.

She was seen entering Bergdorf Goodman through a side entrance before heading for the exclusive John Barrett salon on the ninth floor.

Clinton is known to have her hair regularly done by Barrett himself, who charges customers $600 for a haircut and the same amount again for color.


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