Charlie Sheen wants to be Donald Trump’s vice president: Charlie Sheen Trump

Published: August 29, 2015

Charlie Sheen wants to be Donald Trump’s vice president: Charlie Sheen Trump, It sounds like a movie plot: Donald Trump makes a presidential run and Charlie Sheen is his running mate.

However, the notion is not so far-fetched as the real estate mogul is currently campaigning to hold the nation’s highest political office and now Mr Sheen has offered to be his Vice President.

The 49-year-old actor tweeted on Thursday his desire to be Trump’s VP.

The catalyst for the announcement sounds like another twist in the hypothetical movie plot, casting none other than Owen Wilson as the foil.

Wilson said in an interview with The Daily Beast on Tuesday: ‘You can’t help but get a kick out of him [Trump], and I think part of it is we’re so used to politicians on both sides sounding like actors at press junkets – it’s sort of by rote, and they say all the right things.’

‘So here’s somebody who’s not following that script,’ the Bottle Rocket star continued. ‘It’s like when Charlie Sheen was doing that stuff – like, wow! He’s answering a question completely honestly, and in an entertaining way.’

And then in a comment that would make postmodernists perform cartwheels, Wilson went meta: ‘You sort of feel he could be a character from Network.’

Two days after Wilson’s interview came out, Sheen responded with a tweet: ‘dear O. Wilson they took ur comment out of context! I’m honored! thank u!’

‘If Trump will hv me I’d be his VP in a heartbeat! #TrumpSheen16’.

Sheen, however, is not known for his consistency. Just five weeks ago he called the presidential candidate ‘a sad & silly homunclus’ and went on to say ‘your words [are] as poignant as a sack of cat farts You’re a shame pile of idiocy.’

While Trump has yet to respond to Sheen’s offer, the actor could potentially help him with the Latino vote – Sheen was born Carlos Estevez.

Sheen previously voiced his desire to run for president and have his father Martin Sheen as his running mate.

In 2011 a poll was conducted showing that American Republicans preferred to see Charlie Sheen in office over both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

In the poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, the fallen star was placed in hypothetical election match ups with the former Alaska governor and Obama.

When given the choice between Palin and Sheen, Democratic voters chose the actor over Palin by a 44-24 majority.

Similarly, in an Obama versus Sheen election, Republicans would rather see the actor and his goddesses turn the White House into Sober Valley Lodge than give the President a second term in office (which he got), by a slim majority of 37-28.

And it is not just among their own parties that the Wall Street star comes out shining.

Among political independents, Sheen was still favoured to run the country over Palin in a 41-36 majority.

Although two thirds of Americans admitted to holding unfavourable views of the stricken star, the same amount of people still believed he would be better equipped to become president than Palin.


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