‘Celebrity QB’?: Seahawks Russell Wilson Celebrity

Published: November 23, 2015

‘Celebrity QB’?: Seahawks Russell Wilson Celebrity, Anytime things aren’t going perfectly for the Seattle Seahawks there are rumors about issues within the locker room and with personnel. Remember last year about this time when teammates were reportedly worried Russell Wilson wasn’t black enough?

Now, according to a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, there are apparently concerns about Wilson having “changed his approach” and being too much of a “celebrity quarterback.”

Mort said there is some concern at #Seahawks HQ that Russell Wilson ‘changed his approach’ this year & is becoming more of a ‘celebrity QB.’

— Evan Silva (@evansilva) November 22, 2015
Hearing this, the first thing I think of is Wilson sitting in a pool with some Bose headphones on and Macklemore convincing him he owns all the birds around his house. LOOK AT TS-EX- BAD MAN GETTING HIS SMOOTHIE ON.

Wilson is a celebrity, though. He’s got a Super Bowl ring, he’s got a huge contract, he’s dating a famous singer in Ciara, he’s featured in tons of commercials.

It’s possible fame went to Wilson’s head a little bit, but it’s not like confidence is a new thing for NFL quarterbacks. They thrive on it.

And the idea of Wilson changing the way he approaches the game? Seems impossible. Wilson is a robot hell-bent on playing football and crafting the most motivationally vanilla answers to questions possible.

The Seahawks are struggling because their offensive line isn’t good, they’ve had a tough schedule and they’ve given up a bunch of fourth-quarter leads at home. It’s not because Wilson is too much of a celebrity.


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