Biggest opening ever: Jurassic World Box Office

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Biggest opening ever: Jurassic World Box Office, Critics be darned. “Jurassic World” powered through squishy reviews to post a near-record $204.6 million in estimated weekend sales at the domestic box office, and about $512 million worldwide.

The estimated sales appeared to give that dinosaur thriller, released by Universal Pictures with backing from Legendary Entertainment, the second-best domestic movie opening ever, just behind “Marvel’s The Avengers,” which took in $207.4 million when Walt Disney Studios released it in May 2012.

A slight uptick on Sunday could push “Jurassic World” past “The Avengers” after final weekend sales are tallied, and its worldwide take was also poised to set new performance marks.

Even when adjusted for ticket price inflation, “Jurassic World,” directed by the relatively inexperienced Colin Trevorrow (until now best known for his indie comedy, “Safety Not Guaranteed”), handily outpaced “Jurassic Park.” That film was directed by Steven Spielberg and took in about $50 million in first-weekend sales – or roughly $99 million at current prices – when it opened in 1993, and spawned what is now a four-film series.

Mr. Spielberg is an executive producer of the latest film, which more than one reviewer criticized as lacking his sure touch for fantasy adventure. “You can check your brain at the door and pick it up on your way out,” wrote Richard Roeper, for The Chicago Sun-Times, in what was actually one of the film’s strongest reviews.

The Metacritic website, which tallies reviews, gave “Jurassic World” a middling score of 59 out of 100, well behind “Spy,” at a score of 75. “Spy,” a Melissa McCarthy comedy, ranked a distant second, with about $16 million in domestic sales for 20th Century Fox in its second weekend, and about $60 million since its opening.

But a fresh generation of moviegoers was clearly thrilled by the “Jurassic” story, about reconstituted dinosaurs in a contemporary world, with Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt in lead roles. And those viewers bolstered sales by paying a premium for tickets to 3-D and ultralarge-screen showings from providers like RealD or Imax and proprietary big-format services like Cinemark XD. About 48 percent of the “Jurassic World” domestic sales came from 3-D screens, according to RealD, a major 3-D provider.

The 3-D surge has similarly helped “San Andreas,” which took in about $11 million for Warner Bros. in its third weekend, to place third, according to the Rentrak reporting service. A death-and-destruction earthquake thriller, “San Andreas” has taken in about $119.3 million at the domestic box office since opening.

“Insidious: Chapter 3,” from Universal’s Focus unit, placed fourth for the weekend, with about $7.3 million in sales, and $37.4 million since opening, while “Pitch Perfect 2,” also from Universal, was fifth at the box office, with about $6 million in sales and about $171 million since opening.

The run of strong performers from Universal, which had prior hits in “Furious 7” and “Fifty Shades of Grey,” has pushed the studio to the fore in an annual box-office race that had until now been dominated by Disney and Warner Bros.

Over all, the domestic box office is up about 4 percent for the year, to more than $4.8 billion from just under $4.7 billion at this point last year, according to Rentrak.

Biggest opening ever: Jurassic World Box Office


Thor The Dark World Review

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Thor The Dark World Review, Every superhero movie is, on some level, an attempt to demonstrate that a godlike being with flabbergasting powers – he flies! He wields a megaton hammer! – also has an inner life.

The success of the film hinges on how well it yokes together the external and the internal. “Thor: The Dark World,” a watchable but technologically over-scaled slab of Marvel boilerplate, is far from a great superhero movie – it’s more like the diagram for one.

Having done his time as a magical Norse hunk-out-of-water in “Thor” (2011) and “The Avengers” (2012), our hero (Chris Hemsworth) now finds himself back on Asgard. There, his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins, serving up his own special brand of highbrow scenery chewing), enlists him in a battle for the cosmos.

The Nine Realms are about to converge, which means that the Dark Elves, led by the scowling Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), can now finally seize their moment to destroy Asgard. Are your eyes already glazing over?

To succeed, the Elves must gain control of the Aether (pronounced ”ether”), a supreme energy force in the form of what looks like a floating spill of red wine. In the film’s rather desperate attempt to personalize the plot, the Aether, which requires a host organism, has leaped inside the body of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), the astrophysicist who fell for Thor and has been waiting two years for him to return.

Portman plays her like a petulant schoolgirl, and that’s the movie’s notion of a joke: Jane just wants a boyfriend, while Thor, who loves her back, has weightier concerns. Really, though, “The Dark World” should have given Jane a better reason for hanging around than the fact that she’s playing host body to a glob of extraterrestrial protoplasm.

The first “Thor” was directed by Kenneth Branagh with an elegant verve that made the special effects at once witty and spectacular. Alan Taylor, who directed this sequel, is a prestige veteran of the small screen (“Mad Men,” “The Sopranos,” “Game of Thrones”), but he brings little of that avid storytelling tightness to “The Dark World.”


Jane Carrey Daughter

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Jane Carrey Daughter, She’s lived her life as the daughter of celebrity Jim Carrey, but Jane Carrey is ready to come out of the shadows.During her “American Idol” audition, Jane sang “Something to Talk About” and impressed the judges enough to make it to Hollywood.

Miss Carrey immediately connected with Jennifer Lopez, who was one of the ‘Fly Girls’ way back when Jim starred on “In Living Color.”

And after she was successful in making it to the next round, Jane called her dad, who proclaimed, “This is really going to be an exciting year.”


Human Head Hollywood Sign

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Human Head Hollywood Sign, An investigation unfolding near the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles is playing out like a gory movie script, as police worked to identity a man whose body was found in parts over the past two days – first a head on Tuesday, then two hands and two feet on Wednesday.

On Thursday, more than 100 police officers, some on horseback, were searching a Hollywood wilderness park along a winding hiking trail to see if they can find more body parts.

Authorities said the head came from a man believed to be 40 to 60 years old. Police think all the body parts are from the same man but are trying to confirm that.

Dog walkers found a severed human head inside a plastic bag Tuesday after two of the dogs they were walking began toying with an object. When they shook the plastic bag, a human head fell out onto the ground, according to police Cmdr. Andrew Smith.

The first hand was found as dozens of officers and homicide investigators combed the brush, and a coroner’s cadaver dog came upon it about 50 yards from where the head was discovered on Tuesday afternoon, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The second hand and both feet were found nearby later Wednesday afternoon. No details were immediately available on the condition of the body parts.

The man might have been killed elsewhere in recent days and his body dumped in the park, Smith said. Wild animals in the park may have other body parts, he said.


Steve Guttenberg Walk Of Fame

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Steve Guttenberg Walk Of Fame, Steve Guttenberg, the star of “Police Academy” movies, became a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday.Guttenberg, is honored for her work in the series “Police Academy” movie, played Carey Mahoney and was praised for his acting entertainment, reports CBS in Los Angeles.

DJ Nock DVD Guttenberg Times wrote, “A legend in his own right, and the target of many a joke, the general consensus is that a flip with Guttenberg Police Academy is one of the best.”

Appropriately, the 53-year-old star – the 2,455 Th one on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – will be placed in front of the League of police activities, according to CBS LA

One of the most durable players and the most prolific of Hollywood, Guttenberg also starred in “Three Men and a Baby,” “Diner,” “Cocoon” and “Short Circuit”.

More recently, he played in the Turkish film “Ay Lav Yu” and is currently working on the Broadway production of “relatively speaking.” Focusing on a wedding day that goes wrong, reports

During the past year, Guttenberg appeared in the movie “A novel Romance” and the horror film musical “Eldorado”, which offers Daryl Hannah and Peter O’Toole.

As well as starring in the television series “Billy” in 1979, Guttenberg recently participated in “Dancing with the Stars” and appeared in “Veronica Mars”, reports the AP.


Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress

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Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress, Only in Hollywood could someone who has slept with a married man say they feel “lied” – but that’s what Brittney Jones, the alleged mistress of Ashton Kutcher, told our photographer yesterday.

As TMZ first reported, Jones – whose alleged meeting with Ashton Kutcher in 2010 was strongly opposed by his side – said she felt justified when Demi Moore has finally pulled the plug on her marriage to Ashton.

Jones said she has not spoken to Ashton lately, but wish him and Demi.


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