Carl Icahn Website: Icahn’s Gloomy Warning

Published: September 29, 2015

Carl Icahn Website: Icahn’s Gloomy Warning, The video is titled “Danger Ahead: A Message from Carl Icahn.” Based on the 101-second preview, it appears that Icahn will air his significant concerns about low interest rates.

The trailer shows a sort of “greatest hits” of Icahn’s tweets and television appearances on Bloomberg and CNBC over the past few months.

You hear Icahn talk about how he thinks “this market keeps going up and up with zero interest rates … that’s what’s really pushing it,” and that the high yield bond market is “in a major bubble.”

Worried about bubbles even as he invests in Apple and Lyft

When asked if current conditions are setting up the market for something that would be problematic, Icahn said “it’s not will it happen, it’s when it will happen.”

And Icahn also said in response to a question about whether stocks are due for a “dramatic pullback,” Icahn said he’s “worried about the market and the economy and the dangerous spot that we’re in.”

Icahn told CNBC in an interview Monday morning that he’s “more hedged now” than he’s been in years.

He also expressed concerns about a “catastrophe” that could be coming because the Federal Reserve has left interest rates near zero since December 2008.

Icahn has grown more bearish about the markets over the past couple of months, but his Icahn Enterprises investment firm still owns shares of many well-known stocks, including Apple, PayPal, eBay, Hertz and Chesapeake Energy.

He also made a recent investment in privately held Lyft, the ridesharing rival of Uber. That’s a bit surprising in light of his bubble comments since many experts feel that “unicorn” tech startups like Uber and Lyft may be even more dangerously overvalued than publicly traded tech stocks.


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