Caitlyn won’t face felony?: No Charges For Caitlyn Jenner

Published: July 13, 2015

Caitlyn won’t face felony?: No Charges For Caitlyn Jenner, There are many things you can say about TMZ, but lack of access to the LAPD is definitely not one-the gossip site reports “police sources” believe Caitlyn Jenner could end up walking away from a fatal February car crash without facing any charges at all.

New video of the deadly February three-car accident involving Caitlyn Jenner appears to show Jenner Read more Read more

Officers have reviewed city bus surveillance camera footage of the four-car crash-seemingly caused by Jenner-and reportedly determined Jenner’s behavior behind the wheel was not egregious enough to constitute felony charges.

We’re told the only infraction investigators see is that Bruce was simply inattentive. As we’ve told you, it’s what cops typically call ‘DWHUA’ … driving with head up ass.

That’s good news for Bruce. Our sources say investigators will conclude that the most the evidence shows is ordinary negligence – which means the highest charge he could face is misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. We’re told that’s what they will present to the D.A.

The site also claims Jenner may not even have to face misdemeanor charges-“sources” tell them, “typically when cops present a case like this, it gets dismissed altogether.”

No Charges For Caitlyn Jenner


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