Brock Lesnar Hits Fan

Published: July 9, 2015

Brock Lesnar Hits Fan, There’s a reason why people are both terrified and fascinated by Brock Lesnar – the man is a scary beast.

Lesnar’s freakish strength was on full display Monday night on WWE Raw when he destroyed a Cadillac. After he used a pair of axes to smash the windows and cave in half of the car, he ripped off one of the back passenger doors and hurled it away.

Apparently, he hurled it too far. is reporting that the door struck a young fan at Allstate Arena in Chicago during Lesnar’s furious rage.

One fan at the show caught a better look at the incident while sitting right behind where the door landed.

JESUS, took me a couple times to see it, but that kid got CLOCKED.

– Bill Neville (@BillNevilleNAI) July 7, 2015
The good news, according to the report, is that the young fan was not seriously injured. Paramedics did attend to him and then he was brought backstage before returning to his seat to watch the rest of the show.

That fan now has a really good story to tell his friends and probably got to meet some of his favorite superstars .


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