Bradley Cooper’s beach kiss: Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk

Published: August 12, 2015

Bradley Cooper’s beach kiss: Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk, If there were any doubts over the strength of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationship, their latest sizzling display should blow them out of the water.

The handsome pair were caught in an amorous clinch as they holidayed on Italy’s Amalfi Coast this week, reminiscent of the steamy beach scenes of classic romance flick From Here To Eternity.

Bradley, 40, matching his beauty in orange swimwear, seemingly couldn’t keep his hands off the 29-year-old Sports Illustrated model in her teeny mismatching bikini as they lay out on the shore.

In the 1941 epic, lone-wolf soldier Prewitt falls for the captain’s wife Karen and what ensues is a clandestine romance in scorching Hawaii.

And as the famous duo were seen frolicking on a dark stone beach, Irina and Bradley seemed to share the same reckless abandon in the early throes of their love affair.

Having discarded their clothes by a set of man-made steps, the pair were pictured making their descent to the clear waters, where they spent time splashing around.

She acted particularly cheekily, both in appearance with her teeny thong displaying her pert bottom, and in disposition as she playfully lead her beau into the sea.

He appeared completely under her spell and fawned over her in between layering on his goggles and taking a dip.

They shared a kiss that saw her envelope him with her long arms before massaging his neck and shoulders in an awkward display where she appeared to playfight.

Irina looked undeniably flawless in her aqua bikini top and sporty orange thong that perfectly showcased her model body – the very same that’s earned her Victoria’s Secret contracts and Intimissimi deals.

She boasted a deep and glowing tan – a contrast to Bradley’s sun-starved complexion from a summer spent on London’s West End circuit with The Elephant Man.

His hair was messy and unkempt, though his body was sculpted in low-slung swimshorts that hung from his hips and he looked impressive, if not more mature than his twenty-something other half.

Having jetted off for their first holiday together, Irina seemed visibly content with the actor and couldn’t hide the natural smile on her face as they enjoyed a romantic break.

She followed him to London earlier this year when they struck up a bond at the Met Gala after-party in May, two months after his split from 22-year-old Suki Waterhouse.

Her work as an international supermodel has fitted in with his play schedule and they have played out their summer romance in the British capital.

It was originally thought that their relationship had hit the rocks when he was pictured getting close to his ex Suki at Glastonbury.

Bradley first met the British model-turned-actress at the Elle Style Awards in London in 2013.

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk


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