Body stolen: Julie Mott

Published: August 24, 2015

Body stolen: Julie Mott, Julie Mott’s remains were believed to have been taken just hours after the service at Mission Park Funeral Chapel in San Antonio.

Following the theft, the funeral home has offered a reward of $25,000 to anyone with information that leads to her body being recovered.

“We just want our daughter’s remains returned so, we can have some closure to our grief,” the dead woman’s father, Tim Mott, told KSAT.

Officers went to the chapel after workers discovered that the coffin that contained her remains was empty.

“I have never – in 22 years in law enforcement – ever heard of anything like this,” said San Antonio Police Department spokesman Sergeant Javier Salazar.

Ms Mott died due to complications from cystic fibrosis on 8 August. The funeral was held on Saturday 15 August, which would have been her 26th birthday.

“This was not a case of somebody thinking they were stealing an empty casket,” said Mr Salazar. “The body was the clear target.”

Funeral home officials said there was no indication of a break-in and police suspect the person stole the body during business hours.

Dick Tips, the owner of the funeral home, speculated that the body may have been stolen by someone opposed to cremation, rather than burial.

“This is a family business of five generations. I just am not believing that this is happening,” he said.


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