Beauty queen trips flubs: Miss Nevada Trips

Published: July 13, 2015

Beauty queen trips flubs: Miss Nevada Trips, Miss Oklahoma, Olivia Jordan, was crowned the 64th Miss USA on Sunday night but that wasn’t the most entertaining part of the night. Rather it was a very interesting answer from Miss Nevada, Brittany McGowan, during the Q&A portion of the pageant.

McGowan — who had already tripped over her dress during the evening gown competition — was asked by a judge what she would do to improve race relations in the United States. She appeared taken aback by the question but still tried to reply saying: “What I would do to improve race relations in the U.S. is get more racist groups together and be able to be with each other in a non ummm, let’s see.”

Realizing that she was butchering the answer, she tried to collect herself.

“I apologize. I think what we need to do is bring..ahhh we need to be more accepting of each other and we need to bring people together.”

She smiled at the camera knowing she fumbled the interview portion, and lost her chance at the crown. Well, at the very least this pageant contestant will be remembered in the flub hall of fame.


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