Attack video released: Philip Coleman Chicago Police

Published: December 9, 2015

Attack video released: Philip Coleman Chicago Police, The Chicago Police Department is under fire once again after releasing yet another video showing the death of a black man in custody – one that took three years to finally emerge.

The long-buried footage of Philip Coleman’s fatal confrontation behind bars emerged Monday night amidst continuing protests and probes over two videos showing the deadly police shootings last year of two black men.

The Coleman video, from December 2012, shows a group of guards waking up Coleman, 38, and surrounding him while he sits in a cell for assaulting his mother during an apparent psychotic episode, the Chicago Tribune reported.

After an apparent confrontation – which cannot be heard on the audio-free video – the six guards swarm Coleman on his cot and repeatedly shoot him with a Taser. The end of the clip shows guards dragging Coleman’s lifeless body by his arms down a hall.

Coleman later died in a hospital after a bad reaction to an antipsychotic drug doctors gave him, and his death was ruled an accident. But an autopsy revealed he also suffered severe trauma from the guard barrage, with more than 50 bruises and abrasions all over his body.


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